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National PUBG League Contenders: Phase Two Week Three

National PUBG League

The National PUBG League Contenders have returned from the NPL Royale break for week three of competition. Things are heating up as each team is hopeful for a promotion. As the competition is winding down, teams are starting to solidify their positions as they push for the top spot. With so little time left, who will end up eligible for promotion? Will any teams show what it takes to jump to the top?

Match One

National PUBG League

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Match one opened up with a massive win for Soniqs, who have been dominating the competition. They crushed the other teams with a 16-kill Chicken Dinner. The Happy Campers tried their hardest to overcome them and take the win for themselves, but they didn’t have the power. Soniqs held them off and sealed in their win, using smoke grenades to their tactical advantage.

Match Two

Soniqs came back again in match two and took 10 kills for their win. They used their momentum and ran straight to the top again, using the hills of Miramar to their advantage. Elevate had a lone team member left who was attempting to use smoke as cover. This did nothing to stop Soniqs as they quickly shot him down. The Soniqs have taken 26 kills so far and they are quickly propelling themselves to the top.

Match Three

Match three finally saw Soniqs’ win streak come to an end. Shook took the win away with 12 kills. The Contenders have been putting up consistent kills every game, rivaling the kills of the National PUBG League itself. Shook used hay-bales to their advantage to get the upper hand on. It could’ve gone either way, but Shook showed heart and skill, and fought off their enemies and the blue zone.

Match Four

National PUBG League
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The final match saw a win for a team looking to make an impact late in the game. The Happy Campers finally got the Chicken Dinner that they have been looking for as they took down Trifecta. The last member of Trifecta tried their hardest to stay concealed in the grass, but The Happy Campers sniffed them out. They only put up five kills, but this win was a big one for them.

The Standouts

National PUBG League
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The standouts from this week are Soniqs and Shook. Shook has been making big moves and they have landed themselves in fourth place. If they keep up their fighting spirit, they should be able to hold on to their position and show what they can do in the relegation/promotion matches. Soniqs are standing out yet again because they have opened up a massive gap between them and the second-place team. They now have 156 points, while the second-place team has 88. This huge gap guarantees a win for the Soniqs, unless some other high ranked team makes a massive appearance in the final week.

NPL Final Week

The National PUBG League will be returning with their final week of competition. The Rumblers are sitting on top, but there are a lot of teams gunning for their position. The separation isn’t as massive as the contenders, so this could be anyone’s game. Who will finally come out as the champion of Phase 2?

Tune in next week for more coverage of the National PUBG League.

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