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National PUBG League 2020 Predictions

National PUBG League

The year 2020 is now upon us and there is a whole lot of PUBG around the corner. The National PUBG League is going to have another big year, and there are a lot of possible outcomes when looking at the teams. Big teams will be sure to show up for another year and dominate the competition, but some newcomers may be looking to shake things up. With another big year ahead of us in PUBG Esports, who will be on top?

Tempo Storm

National PUBG League
Image courtesy of @PUBGEsports on Twitter

The first big team is an obvious one: Tempo Storm. Tempo Storm were a dominant force in the National PUBG League last year, winning all three phases. There is no doubt that they will be looking to continue this tradition of winning. Their biggest issue is that as of December 22, 2019, they dropped their entire roster. If they pick up a full new roster, they could either carry on as a winning organization, or struggle to do what the former team could do. All eyes will be on them as they look to start 2020. If they return with a new team, they could be dominant again, but if they stay out, it will leave a massive gap to fill in the NPL.

The Rumblers

National PUBG League
Image courtesy of @OGNEsports on Twitter

The next team to watch will be The Rumblers. Over the past year they have risen from the Contenders and made their mark in the top league. They were impressive all around, with massive kill counts and solid finishes. They showed that they can compete on the international level as well with their appearance in the PUBG Global Championship. The Rumblers will be looking to come into the year and start winning. They were building up to something big in 2019, and they will be looking to pay it off in 2020.


Genesis were another team that looked very impressive. Formerly Cloud9, this team began to build its own name toward the end of the year. They were extremely consistent as they always came out with a solid finish, even making their way into the PUBG Global Championship. They have a solid history and they want to build their new name further than they already have. It is highly likely that Genesis could see some major victories in 2020.

New Sides

National PUBG League
Image courtesy of @TheGodSquadPUBG on Twitter

Some new names that will be making their break in the National PUBG League will be Comets and The God Squad. Teams that come up from the Contenders always give a good performance with their new chance in the top league. The God Squad are a strong side, that finished up their relegation matches with two big Chicken Dinners. They have the momentum, and they will want to hold on to it for their first matches in the National PUBG League. Comets slipped in as well, getting in on their good performances in the beginning of the relegation matches. They were impressive in the Contenders league, and they capitalized on their chance to head to the next level. They will be a team that does not squander an opportunity like this.

2020 is shaping up to be a big year for the National PUBG League. Tune in again for more coverage of PUBG.

Featured image courtesy of @PUBGEsports on Twitter

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