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Karakin: PUBG’s Smallest and Fastest Map


A huge new addition is coming to PUBG, and it is coming in the form of a new map. Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok and Vikendi have served the players well, but something new is coming. Karakin is the new map, and it is going to be the smallest one yet. Gameplay is going to be even faster than it is on Sanhok, so Chicken Dinners are sure to start piling up. With this new map on the horizon, what all will it have to offer to the players of PUBG?

Fast-Paced Battles

Image courtesy of PUBG Corp

Karakin will be the first 2×2 map to ever be featured in PUBG, as compared to Sanhok’s 4×4 landscape. This extremely small side will be sure to lead players to some very fast paced battles. This will be a great option for players who are looking to get a quick fix, instead of the longer matches. Not only is Karakin bringing a faster pace to PUBG, but it is also bringing in a whole lot of new features. It is currently live on PC test servers and it will be coming quickly to normal PC play and consoles.

Karakin will be a 64-player map, so you won’t have to worry about 100 players crammed into a smaller space. It has a very rocky terrain with a lot of open space. There are six larger, named areas on the map. One of them is a cargo ship off of the Southwestern coast. You are going to need to find cover fast if you want to avoid the onslaught of fire in the wide-open areas. Players are going to need to figure out new strategies to cope with the new playstyle that Karakin is bringing to the table.

The Black Zone

Image courtesy of PUBG Corp

Probably the biggest new feature that is coming with Karakin is the Black Zone. The Black Zone is a whole new element that will change the landscape and give players a different experience every time. With destructible buildings, anything that is in the Black Zone can be taken away and reduced to rubble, leaving a safe haven as a wide-open spot. This is going to force players to move and adapt due to the fact that you can’t settle on one place here. The Black Zone will be represented as a purple circle on the map. You will also know that you are in the Black Zone when you hear the sirens go off. Once you hear them, or see the new circle, it is time to run. Once buildings are destroyed, they will be turned to an X on the map.

The Sticky Bomb

Image courtesy of PUBG Corp

To add to all of the new destruction on Karakin, there is a new throwable: The Sticky Bomb. The Sticky Bomb will be very useful when you find one of the new breach points on a wall, floor or ceiling. This can give players a new element of surprise when they are looking to get the jump on their enemies. These Sticky Bombs can also be useful for finding secret loot that may be hidden throughout the map. Pick up some Sticky Bombs, and craft your new plan to get the Chicken Dinner.

Alongside all of that, weak walls will also be able to be penetrated by bullets. So, if you hear someone sneaking around, a well-placed shot may take them out without you even being seen.

Are you ready for the fast paced fun of Karakin? Tune in for more coverage of PUBG.

Featured image courtesy of PUBG Corp

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