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Erangel: PUBG PC Update 4.1’s Big Changes


More changes are coming to PUBG on PC with PC update 4.1. As PUBG continues to grow, more and more changes are being made to the game to accommodate everything that goes on, and keep the players happy. Many changes that are coming to the game are revolving around the original map: Erangel. It’s been around for the long haul and it is finally getting some changes that will bring some life back into it.

The New Erangel

Image courtesy of PUBG Corp

Erangel’s biggest change is its visual update that is coming with the new update. With this map being around since the beginning, its textures and graphics were starting to age. Players will now drop into an Erangel that will be updated and feel like a whole new map. New buildings and landmarks will be added to many of the well know areas around the map like Mylta Power and the Quarry. Even some mountains and hills have been shortened or raised, so you will have to get used to a whole new landscape.

With this brand-new feel on Erangel, there is so much to look forward to on PUBG’s original map. The newest changes that have been made after player feedback are a reduction to grass density and color saturation, and a decrease in the overall brightness. Be sure to jump in to Erangel and see all of these changes for yourself. Learn the new landscape before your enemies do.

PUBG Season 4

Image courtesy of PUBG Corp

Alongside these map changes, Season 4 is coming to PUBG: Aftermath. The new season will be based on the history of the map, giving you the chance to earn items that represent its past. This season pass started running on July 23, and it will continue until October 15, 2019. You have plenty of time to dive into these rewards, so get on and get them while you can. What is even better, your friends can now help you get your rewards.

Season 4 has a new cooperative mission system that lets you work with other players. This new mission set has five phases that give you a unique reward each time. Regular solo missions also have slightly changed. You can swap out three daily missions for free, so you can find the ones that best suite you. When you complete all three, you will get 1500 BP. If you stay on your daily missions, you can amass some major BP and get some of the best gear in PUBG.

Many Other Changes

The final changes are a lot of gameplay tweaks. Many weapons, including the Kar98k, S12K, Sawed-Off and Crossbow, will be getting buffs. These buffs range from damage per pellet on shotguns, to changes in ADS zoom. Weapons like the M24, Beryl, AKM and M416 will all be receiving nerfs. The nerfs aren’t too major, dropping the damage anywhere from one to two points. The maximum bullet travel of shotguns has also been decreased from 1000m to 150m.

Vehicles are getting a lot of changes as well, and one of the features is auto acceleration. It works the same as auto run, so now you don’t have to worry about holding down an extra button while driving. The next change doesn’t affect much gameplay, but it is fun. The driver now has the option to play preset music so you and your squad can blast music while driving into battle.

Which of these changes are you most excited about? Tune in again for more coverage of PUBG.


Featured image courtesy of PUBG Corp

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