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Dropping Into the Jungles of Sanhok


PUBG is known for its large maps, that allow players to map out long strategies to win a Chicken Dinner. Sanhok changed a lot of this, coming out as the smallest PUBG map. Sanhok has a lot to offer, and it is the most recent map to be added to competitive PUBG Esports last year. It may be small, but there is a lot hidden in its jungle terrain. Without as much space to work with, you need to find loot quickly. Where are the best locations to drop on Sanhok?

The Cave

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To the south on the largest island is a cave that is full of things to get you through the game. There is a lot of space in this cave to explore. To get the best results, you should aim to land on the upper levels of the scaffolding and work your way down. You will be able to pick up some decent weapons and take out other players as you fight to get out. Be careful though, other players may have the same idea as you, considering that this is a well-known area on the map.

Pai Nan

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Pai Nan is a larger, centralized city split by a river. This city is a hot drop zone for loot, so it is always full of other players. The river that splits the city adds an interesting obstacle for people that are trying to make their way through, so it is easy to scope it out and take down unsuspecting players. If you can fight your way through the madness at the beginning of the match here, you will have a nice location to camp out and gather some good loot.

Paradise Resort

Next up is the Paradise Resort. This old hotel has a ton of open locations with loot strewn about everywhere. It will be a mad dash to pick up weapons when you land, but if you are quick enough, you will be able to start out on a high note. With so many players coming to this location, it is easy to pick up weapons and start your game off with a good number of kills. You just have to be sure that you aren’t a kill for another player.

The Quarry

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The Quarry is an interesting place to drop. You will want to avoid dropping right into the middle of it, due to the fact that players on the outside will have a high ground advantage on you. Drop in one of the surrounding houses. Then, grab a weapon and head out to the quarry and take out players down in the main ditch. You may not find too many high-level weapons here, but the kills will come easy for you.


The Bootcamp

Finally, we have the Bootcamp. This is probably the most popular drop area on the map. It is very similar to military style areas on the other maps. Loot is everywhere here, and there are many open buildings to explore and find cover. With the fast pace of a match on Sanhok, this is a perfect spot to get right into the action. If you can survive your time in the Bootcamp, you can escape and be well on your way to a Chicken Dinner.

Where do you drop into the jungle of Sanhok? Tune in again for more coverage of PUBG.

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