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Best Values for the Twire Fantasy PUBG PGC Week 1 Finals

After its success during PCS5, brought back their massively successful fantasy PUBG tournaments for PGC 2021. After weekly survival wrapped for week one, Twire opened entry for the tournament for the Week One Finals. With the player costs for week one officially released, it is time to analyze who presents the best values for your fantasy teams. You can join in these free tournaments at this link.

Spyrro (VP) for $20,000

VP Spyrro ESL Masters Summer PGC 2021 Fantasy PUBG

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The biggest value of PGC 2021’s first weekly finals is by far Virtus.Pro’s Spyrro. Over the past year no player on Virtus.Pro finished in the top two in kills and damage more than Spyrro. The only player in the same sphere as him over the past year in terms of consistency is Xmpl. He had a rough Rank Decision, but that was an out-of-the-ordinary performance for Spyrro. If he returns to his average, which he should, the value he presents is more than picking him. 

Salute (Danawa) for $25,000

Similar to Spyrro, Salute was one of the best players in Asia over the past year. The eighteen-year-old superstar joined Danawa in late 2020 and quickly became a household name in Asian PUBG. He and Seoul were the second-best duo in terms of damage and kills in all of Asian PUBG during 2021,only behind Gen.G’s Pio and Inonix. Similar to Spyrro, his ranked decision and weekly survival performances were below what fans expect from him. He may be affected by first LAN nerves, but the talent is still there. If he returns to form, Salute could be a top ten player this week.

Tanki (MCG) for $25,000

MCG Tanki PCL Summer PGC 2021 From Twire Fantasy PUBG
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Anytime MCG has succeeded, Tanki has been the spearhead of the team. Similar to Spyrro, Tanki is consistently first on his team in kills at the end of tournaments. More importantly, though he provides a massive damage output. He may not collect kills like Pio, but he contributes massively to his team’s kill totals. Since MCG is one of the favorites to win this weekly final, Tanki’s damage and kill profile provides excellent value for your roster.

Purdy (TSM FTX) for $25,000

TSM’s IGL not only provides leadership but can frag with the best of them. During PGI.S, he finished the event with the second-highest average kills per match on that STK team. On top of that, he finished third in average damage, two points of damage behind aLow in second place. After mixed performances during online tournaments, the LANimal version of Purdy seems to be back. During Ranked Decision, he had the most kills and third most damage on the team. He followed that up with having the most damage on the team in Weekly Survival. Purdy can do a lot of things for your team, one of them is to provide a steady predictable value to it.

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