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2021 PUBG Global Invitational.S Preview: Japan

The 2021 PUBG Global Invitational.S starts in almost a month and there is no better time to preview the competition than now. 32 teams from around the world will be in attendance to play at the first international PUBG LAN event in over a calendar year. Over the next few weeks, previews for the teams from every region will be released to prepare fans for the exciting event. These are the Japanese teams that will play at the 2021 PUBG Global Invitational.S.

Enter Force.36 (Formerly Element.36)

Primary Miramar Drop Location: Water Treatment

Primary Erangel Drop Location: Rozhok

X Factor: Pureboy

Enter Force.36 is an under the radar Japanese team heading into this event. They qualified for PCS 1&2 where they finished 9th and 14th respectively, outperforming Sunsister overall on the international stage. They are a fundamentally sound team with gunskill that can stand up in fights. Pureboy and Satou hold the primary fragging duties for this roster while Amonot is the team’s IGL. The last and certainly most interesting player is Sylphia. He can not only IGL and frag, but he is one of the few players who will willingly pick up bolt-action snipers and use them very effectively. There is no better example than his performance during the third day of PCS 1 when they won the last game of the day. This team can not be taken lightly or they will knock you out of the lobby swiftly.

DetonatioN Gaming White

Image Courtesy of Famitsu

Primary Miramar Drop Location: Los Leones

Primary Erangel Drop Location: Yasnaya Polyana

X Factor: Gokuri

If any Japanese team makes a run, DetonatioN Gaming White will be the team to do it. They are the most mechanically gifted team from the country, which on LAN makes a massive difference. Their star player and IGL Machao, often referred to as “Japanese Pio”, is the brains and brawn on the team. His partner in crime is Gokuri is a mad man fragger who completes their dynamic duo spearheading this team’s attack. Melofo and SSeeS round out this roster as complementary pieces to the prior two. Given the new tournament structure, a Japanese team has a better chance to make a run then they did last year depending on how the seeding goes. If these guys can get a good seed, they are the team to watch from Japan.

Notable Exclusion:

Of all the Japanese teams not to make it, the fact that Sunsister did not qualify is by far an interesting choice by the powers at be. Inside their own region, their play has been strong, leading to appearances at three out of the four PCS events last year, including the Charity Showdown. In those PCS events, though, they finished last twice and 13th once. DetonationN Gaming White meanwhile despite only making two PCS events finished 8th and 15th, the latter one spot ahead of Sunsister.

Aside from the PCS events, Detonation Gaming White also had better results international results overall in tournaments with Korean and Chinese Taipei teams. While Sunsister’s exclusion is disappointing, it is easier to see why;. Other teams showed greater promise then them outside of the region.


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