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Zacian and Zamazenta to Make Debut for Pokemon Journeys

Zacian Zamazenta Pokemon Journeys

The latest legendaries from Pokemon Sword and Shield are finally getting their shot at the big screen. On Monday February 22, the official Pokemon Twitter page announced that Zacian and Zamazenta will make their first appearance on Pokemon Journeys on March 5. The legendary pokemon will finally get a chance to meet up with Ash and the rest of the crew on Netflix.

The news of the legendaries’ TV debut comes a few days just before Pokemon Day. Through the week, Pokemon players are eagerly expecting news about their favorite franchise. This Pokemon Journeys announcement kicks off the week filled with exciting new updates for the Pokemon world. Pokemon Journeys is the latest entry into the long list of shows focused around Pokemon.

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Pokemon Journeys follows Ash and Pikachu through their journeys in the Galar region. Alongside their latest friend Goh and his Scorbunny, the group looks to continue the Pokemon story through the newest region. Zacian and Zamazenta have yet to appear on the show, making this announcement an exciting one for followers of the newest iteration of the Pokemon television show.

From the quick screen caps provided by the Pokemon Twitter account, it looks like the protagonists will get a shot at working with the legendary Pokemon, with Ash calling on Zacian and Goh calling on Zamazenta.  Fans will need to tune into Netflix to see how the four come together.

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