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Where Are All the Alpha Pokemon in Legends Arceus?

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Trainers, let’s be honest, everyone wants giant Pokemon on their team. Not only are they behemoths, but they also have higher quality stats. While any Pokemon can be an Alpha Pokemon, there are certain ones that are programmed as static in encounters. This article will inform players on the locations of all Alpha Pokemon in Pokemon Legends Arceus. This article lists the alphas by locations in Hisui. It also only covers static encounters. Let’s begin.

Obsidian Fieldlands

The locations are provided by a screen made by screen name Gilgamesh_PH.

Alakazam: Sandgem Flats.

Bibarel: Tidewater Dam.

Blissey: Obsidian Falls.

Floatzel: Worn Bridge.

Golbat: Oreburrow Tunnel.

Graveler: Worn Bridge.

Gyarados: Lake Verity.

Heracross: Grueling Grove.

Infernape: Ramanas Island.

Kricketune: Tidewater Den.

Lopunny: The Heartwood.

Luxio: Floaro Gardens.

Parasect: Deertrack Heights/Nature’s Pantry.

Rapidash: Horseshoe Plains.

Scyther: Grandtree Arena.

Snorlax: Aspiration Hill.

Staravia: Windswept Run.

Crimson Mirelands

Carnivine: Cottonsedge Prairie.

Hippowdon: Sludge Mound.

Honchkrow: Cloudpool Ridge.

Lickylicky: Shrouded Ruins.

Onix: Solaceon Ruins or Bolderoll Slope.

Pachirisu: Gapejaw Bog.

Raichu: Golden Lowlands.

Rhyhorn: Diamond Heath.

Roserade: Cloudpool Ridge.

Skuntank: Scarlet Bog.

Sliggoo: Holm’s Trial.

Tangrowth: Between Golden Lowland and Scarlet Bog.

Torterra: Holm’s Trial.

Toxicroak: Holm’s Trial.

Ursaring: Ursa’s Ring and Gapejaw Bog.

Vespiquen: Cottonsedge Prairie.

Yanmega: Droning Meadow.

Cobalt Coastlands

Ambipom: Hideaway Bay.

Chansey: Tombolo Walk.

Drapion: Gingko Landing.

Dusknoir: Deadwood Forest.

Empoleon: Castaway Shore.

Gastrodon: Sea by Seagrass Haven.

Golduck: Bather’s Lagoon.

Gyarados: Sea by Lunker’s Lair.

Lumineon: Sea by Seagrass Haven.

Machoke: Windbreak Stand.

Mothim: Spring Path.

Ninetales: Firespit Island.

Octillery: Castaway Shore.

Purugly: Veilstone Cape.

Tentacruel: Lunker’s Lair.

Walrein: Gingko Landing.

Coronet Highlands

Bronzong: Clamberclaw Cliffs/Lonely Spring.

Clefable: Fabled Spring.

Crobat: Wayward Cave.

Electivire: Cloudcap Pass.

Gabite: Celestica Ruins.

Gliscor: Primeval Grotto.

Golem: Bolderoll Ravine.

Goodra: Ancient Quarry.

Luxray: Sacred Plaza.

Mismagius: Stonetooth Rows.

Mothim: Wayward Wood.

Probopass: Celestica Trail.

Rhyperior: Primeval Grotto.

Steelix: Celestica Trail.

Alabaster Icelands

Abomasnow: Bonechill Wastes.

Electabuzz: Icebound Falls or Avalanche Slopes.

Froslass: Under Icebound Falls/Avalanche Slopes.

Gallade: Snowpoint Temple.

Garchomp: Avalanche Slopes or Icebound Falls.

Gardevoir: Heart’s Crag.

Glalie: Bonechill Wastes.

Lucario: Icebound Falls.

Machamp: Arena’s Approach.

Mammoswine: Avalugg’s Legacy.

Piloswine: Arena’s Approach.

Hisuian Sneasel: Avalugg’s Legacy.

Swinub: Bonechill Wastes.


Players should now know the locations of every static Alpha Pokemon in Legends Arceus. Alphas are an intimidating addition. When one is able to catch them, it is worth the effort. Remember that any Pokemon can be an alpha. So, bring plenty of balls, smoke bombs, and nerves of steel.

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