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When is the Pokemon 25th Anniversary Start Date?

Pokemon 25th Anniversary

Pokemon was once considered a fad. The definition of a fad is, “An intense and widely shared enthusiasm for something, especially one that is short-lived and without basis in the object’s qualities; a craze”. Many parents thought that their kids would stop playing the games and the cards once they got older. How wrong they were. In 2021 fans will get the Pokemon 25th Anniversary date showing that it was not something that was “short-lived”.

This Anniversary is not one that will go by with little pomp and circumstance. Many believe that this one will bring with it a plethora of announcements, some known and others a complete mystery. There have definitely been rumors and even some leaks coming out but the depth of Nintendo and Pokemon knows no bounds. People while wondering about what will be coming out will also need to know, when and where can they watch everything that will be announced? Here is a look at when the Pokemon 25th Year Anniversary date is.

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For starters there will be news and leaks coming out leading up to the Pokemon 25 Year Anniversary. So far the Pokemon company has already given some hints in their official video, which can be viewed below. Also they have just come out and revealed some things such as Katy Perry working with Pokemon to create content, the already announced new Pokemon Snap for the Switch and a new exclusive skateboard for fans to buy.

It is what is expected to come with a Nintendo Direct or more Specifically a Pokemon Direct that is getting people hyped up. Pokemon Day is always on February 27, which is also the anniversary of when Pokemon originally came out. It is expected that there will be a Pokemon Direct on February 27 and that is when the true Pokemon25 Year Anniversary date will be.

Pokemon fans around the world will likely get a new look at plenty of new content coming from the company. Many expect this to be a big day for the company as they hope to see new mainline games, new trading card sets, likely a new movie or show and much more. Make sure to keep it here at The Game Haus for all updates and news as the Pokemon 25 Year Anniversary gets closer.

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