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When Is The 2022 Pokemon Direct?

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Pokemon Day is so close, trainers. Everyone at the Game Haus can taste it like a Snorlax gunning for sweets. It also happens that a new Pokemon Direct is in the work for celebrations. This begs the question, when is the 2022 Pokemon Direct? Dive in to catch the date.

Date and Time for the Direct

While the potential contents are not clear, the direct is scheduled to air on February 27th. In order to celebrate the day Pokemon was first released, fans are being treated to brand new news bites. According to a tweet from the Japanese Pokemon account, it will run for 14 minutes at 9 a.m. EST/ 6 a.m. PST. Video will also be pre-recorded.

Given that some of the most recent important titles, BDSP and Legends Arceus, were locked in during the direct in August, it is perfectly possible that the next-gen of Pokemon could be revealed this Sunday. However, it could also be possible that side game news is on the docket. Pokemon UNITE fans especially should await this news with baited breath. Updates for Pokemon GO might also be on the table for announcements.

Celebration Build-up

In preparation for February 27th, the Pokemon Company has decided to reveal a different announcement from February 21st-27th.

February 21st: Pokemon Masters EX events, such as May and Latias as a sync pair.

22nd: Pokemon Sword and Shield. Players can find Raid Bosses for G-Max Charizard, Venusaur, and Blastoise. This lasts until the end of the week.

23rd: Updates for Pokemon Café Remix

24th: Hoopa is revealed to be coming to UNITE as a ranged attacker

25th: P25 Music is potentially dropping for awaiting fans

26th: Pokemon GO updates

27th: BIG DAY!!

Fans are advised to stay tuned for future updates and Pokemon specials.


Pokemon Day is going to be huge for the community as a whole. There could be game announcements, a follow-up on the rumors for Legends Arceus DLC, the possibilities are endless. However, for now, all anyone can do is speculate. And now that people know when the 2022 Pokemon Direct is, tune in on February 27th to see what the next major project to look forward to is.

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[…] Pokemon UNITE fans especially should await this news with baited breath. Updates for Pokemon GO might also be on the table for announcements.View full source […]


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