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What to Expect from Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

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Happy Pokemon Day, Trainers. Pokemon Presents 2.27.22 brought every Pokemon fan a jolt of dopamine and the rush of a new adventure. Gamefreak dropped new info about Pokemon GO, mystery gift events for Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, and an update for Legends Arceus. However, the cherry looks more delicious than the cake itself. Fans now have confirmation of Generation 9. This piece will speculate on what players could expect from Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet.

Legends Arceus Inspired Style and Graphics

While not much is known of the gameplay for Scarlet and Violet, it seems from the footage shown that Gamefreak will be making them in the style of Legends Arceus.

As seen in the screenshot here, Scarlet and Violet have the same open-world look that Legends Arceus has. The announcement trailer showed open fields, a wind works environment, an open city with fully animated NPCs, and more. The passion and time that Game Freak took to improve the graphical look and textures of the next mainline series game are more evident than ever. Now, some players might argue that Gamefreak should have always been at this level. However, one cannot deny that the evolution of these games up to this point is finally paying off.

Improved Model Textures

On top of the environment, the trailer has given some fans hope that their practice of reusing their models has gone out the window. Take a look at this Meowth and Seviper.

Even if the Meowth looks more flocked than furry, it is an exceptional upgrade from the old 3DS look. Seviper also looks more textured than ever before and is a testament to how far Gamefreak has truly come. Fans are pleased to see that the Pokemon truly feel like they belong to the next generation and are no longer denizens of a port to Switch.

New Starters

With every generation comes new starters. For this gen, players can expect to have the choice of the cute grass kitten, Sprigatito (eat your heart out, Litten), the apple-looking reptile that will keep the doctor away, Fuecoco and the friendly neighborhood postal duck, Quaxly. Fans have already started to speculate what secondary types their final evolutions might have. While the cat starts off as pure grass, the mark on its face could lend to it being a grass/dark type. The appearance of the fire starter lends its final evo to be a fire/grass type. Lastly, the appearance of the duck lends it to be water/flying. Again, this is pure speculation and fans would have to wait until the information is officially revealed.

The Bellizia Region?

Lastly, fans are most likely wondering about the name of the brand new region these games will be taking place in. Given the look, it is highly possible that this is the Belizia region from the Master Journeys anime. Other speculations include it being a region based on Italy or Spain. Either way, the region gave off strong European vibes.

In Conclusion

While this announcement was just made today, there is value in the amount of speculative gold from this one trailer. Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet look to be promising and hopefully, this gives players an idea of what to expect from them. Hopefully, this gives players a taste of what to expect from them. There can only be more excitement to come and we at the Game Haus hope that readers will stick with us on this wild ride.

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