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What is the Pokemon Unite Release Date?

Pokemon Unite Release Date

During the middle of 2020, Pokemon revealed a game that not many people were expecting. They showed off Pokemon Unite, a new game coming from League of Legends parent company, Tencent. Unite, similar to League of Legends, is of the Moba genre which is where players battle in an arena with lanes and try to win by pushing the opponents into their base and destroying it. To say this surprised fans would be an understatement.

Now fans are wondering when this game will be coming out or even just when they could learn more about it. Here is a look at when the Pokemon Unite Release date could be.

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With Pokemon celebrating Pokemon Day and also its 25 year anniversary, it feels like news for Pokemon Unite could be coming then. From the leaks that have come out so far, the game looks to be nearly done. That said, there is a chance that Pokemon Unite heads into a beta first. This would allow for players to get their hands on the game and give their feedback to what is working and what isn’t.

Keeping that in mind, the first date that Pokemon Unite could release would be on Pokemon Day which is February 27, 2021. Again it is more likely that fans would get a release date or beta on this day than the full release. Tencent has done this with many League of Legends games recently.

If they were to do a beta then a release date sometime in late April or early May barring any major setbacks would make sense. Generally betas last for some time. For Mobas and other competitive games, again especially ones released by Tencent, they do not last nearly as long. Instead, a month to two months is generally enough time.

Either way it will be interesting to see what all comes of Pokemon Unite and whether fans will support it. It is a very different type of Pokemon game and while mainline fans may not enjoy it, mobas fans may love it. If they like Pokemon and any other moba then this would be the perfect game for them.

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