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Rapid Strike Urshifu Overview Pokémon Sword and Shield

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While Single-Strike is at the top of the Ranked Doubles tier, Rapid Strike Urshifu is another good choice for any team. In this Rapid Strike Urshifu overview, we’ll be going over its stats, best build, and recommended teammates. This Rapid-Strike Urshifu overview will also include counters so players know how to handle it. This article will not cover any Gigantamax builds as we want players to have transferable knowledge for when Series 10 officially begins. Players interested in the brief overview of Urshifu’s Single Strike form, they can check that out here.


Urshifu is known as the Wushu Pokemon is #892 in the National Dex. The player can evolve Kubfu into Urshifu by going through the Tower of Darkness or the Tower of Water and exposing it to the scroll in either tower. In order to evolve Kubfu into Rapid Strike Urshifu, the player must train Kubfu in the latter tower. Rapid-Strike Style Urshifu is incredibly good at physical attacks and being fast. Rapid-Strike Style’s base stats are

Base Stats:

HP: 100

Atk: 130

Def: 100

Sp. Atk: 63

Sp. Def: 60

Spd: 97

Urshifu’s ability is Unseen Fist, which allows it to bypass moves like Protect and Detect. This also destroys scouting and Baton Pass strats. Its signature attack, Surging Strikes, deals 3x the number of base damage. Additionally, it always grants a critical hit for each strike. Urshifu’s best natures are Jolly for the speed buff. And Adamant for the attack buff. This Pokemon is incredibly lethal and a good choice for any battle team. 

Recommended Build

One good way to play Urshifu is as a standard physical sweeper. This build requires Urshifu to have a Jolly nature as this will give them a natural speed buff. One option is to give it a choice scarf to boost its speed and enhance the priority of its moves.

Giving them a choice band can also work if one wants to increase the output of their attacks as their Jolly nature will help keep them faster than most other attackers. It is important to keep in mind that some players will be turned off by being locked into only one move. However, either is incredibly worth it as they will capitalize on Urshifu’s two best stats.

Lastly, Focus Sash is good for Urshifu so they will survive lethal hits on 1 HP. This cushions damage by Flying and Fairy-type attacks.

Recommended Moves

Surging Strikes image for Rapid Strike Urshifu Overview
Urshifu’s Surging Strikes, image found on the official Pokemon Sword and Shield website

Surging Strikes: Urshifu’s signature move and one that you will want for contact STAB. With Unseen Fist, this will buy you three critical hits that bypass moves like Protect and Detect. 

Close Combat: Ideal for secondary STAB damage and useful for its high base power.

Thunder Punch: A contact move that is great for coverage, taking care of Flying-type enemies, and pairs great with the choice band item.

Aqua Jet: A good candidate for STAB, Priority, and damage if coupled with a Choice Band.

Ideal Teammates:

Rapid Strike Urshifu overview photo of Lapras
image made by Charlotta Bavholm on Devianart

It goes without saying that it is ideal to give Urshifu teammates that will help cover its weaknesses. Pokemon that can counter Electric, Flying, Psychic, and Fairy are excellent choices. Two choices that stand out are Lapras for the fact that moves like Freeze-Dry can take out powerful Fairy-types like Primarina. G-Max Resonance will also give Urshifu and the rest of the team access to the benefits of Aurora Veil (making it extremely good for utility). It should be noted that Gigantamax Lapras will not be available to players in Series 10, but even without it, Lapras is still good for specific Fairy coverage along with Flying-type due to the availability of ice moves.

Visual for Mimikyu
image from Spyro on Pinterest

Likewise, Mimikyu is also a great pick due to the fact that it can cover Psychic weaknesses and Urshifu can cover both of their weaknesses to Steel. Having a ground type like Landorus can also help as this will save Urshifu from Pokemon like Regieleki.

Ideal Counters:

Despite all of its strong points, Rapid-Strike Style Urshifu’s Water and Fighting-type is easy to resist and counter. 

Overview visual for Zapdos
image by Ahro on Fur Affinity

Pokemon like Regieleki and Zapdos are good for exploiting its electric-type weakness.

Tapu Fini overview visual
Image by Meyly on Zerochan

Having a Fairy-type Pokemon like Tapu Fini also works well.

Other Pokemon like Ferrathorn or Corviknight that can be paired with Rocky Helmet work to punish Rapid Strike Urshifu’s contact-only moveset by dealing damage every time it lands a hit. However, with this in mind, allies of the karate master can plan to counter these counters either by changing the build of their Urshifu or catering their team towards more protective objectives.


Despite it being lower on the tier than its single-strike sibling, Rapid Strike Urshifu can be just as useful and with three hits of critical damage at the player’s disposal, they will be an unstoppable powerhouse! With this Rapid Strike Urshifu overview, players should now be experts on getting the best out of the Wushu fighter. Go forth from the Isle of Armor and use this fast-hitting bear to be the very best.

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