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Ranked Battle Series 10 Rules Released Pokemon Sword and Shield

Relevant due to the re-addition of legendary Pokemon to the Ranked Battle Series 10 meta

July is now halfway over and it is important to always be three steps ahead when one wants to curb stomp the competition. Ranked Battle Series 10 is around the corner and most of the rules are the same as the last season. However, Gamefreak have made some big changes that will require players to scrap some of their current strategies. In order to succeed, players have to kill some of the darlings they’re attached to. Here is what’s the same and the changes everyone needs to know.

Series 10 Rules

Starting on August 1, the core rules for Series 10 are the same as Series 9. All the Pokemon from the base Sword and Shield game, Isle of Armor, and Crown Tundra are available. Players must obtain their Pokemon from within the Galar region. Everyone will also need to make sure that the move sets of their Pokemon only comprise of moves available in the game.

Players are to make teams of 3-6 Pokemon, which the game will automatically set to level 50 during the battles. The timer allows for 20-minute battles with a 7-minute player time. Team previews last for 90 minutes turns last for 45 seconds.

Rules for the Doubles Format are the same with the amount of Pokemon allotted on a team changed to 4-6, instead of three. Doubles is still the official main format of Ranked Series Battle.

Rule Changes to the Meta

Visualizing that Dynamax is something that will be outlawed in Ranked Battle Series 10
Credit to Rebecca Spear at

Unlike the previous series, players will not be able to Dynamax or Gigantamax their Pokemon. With Sword and Shield’s main gimmick leaving the scene due to balancing issues, requiring players to think back to rely on builds that are not meant for Dynamaxing.

To make up for this, Gamefreak is allowing legendaries to come back, permitting one per team. This does not extend to mythical Pokémon and the Pokemon, Meltan and Melmetal. 

Showing legendary Pokemon, which will be allowed back into Ranked Battle Series 10
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Take the time to prepare your best teams according to these rules and hit the ground running when the series starts strong. For more content pertaining to Ranked Battle Series 10 and Pokémon at the Game Haus, visit here

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