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Pokemon Unite Official Switch Release Date

Pokemon Unite Switch Release Date

Greetings all eager Pokemon fans, rejoice in the great news! An official release date has been announced for Pokemon Unite, set to launch on Nintendo Switch on July 21st. After Nintendo teased its release for July, the community grew antsy. Pokemon Unite has been in open beta in Japan, but not as readily available in other regions. The official Pokemon Unite Switch release date is very exciting news, so prepare the pro controllers for some Pokemon arena mayhem!

The game still has a rather small Pokemon roster but is sure to receive updates and changes in the future. As a brand new title, expect to grind numerous hours before mastering the basics. This rings especially for those not familiar with the MOBA genre. There will be many things to keep track of, such as minion management, level-up timings, matchups, and many other variables. To learn more and stay up to date about the game, be sure to stay tuned at The Game Haus for current events, tips, and even meta-analysis of Pokemon Unite.

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