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Pokemon Team Building Basic Guide

Pokemon team building tips

In any Pokemon game, building a perfect team facilitates travel throughout the region. A balanced team makes NPC trainers easier to defeat and also allows players to easily sweep the Elite 4 and the League Champion. Mastering this skill is essential to becoming the best that no one ever was. This Pokemon Team Building Guide will list some helpful tips that players who are new to teambuilding or struggling, in general, can follow to make it easier on themselves.

Step 1: Pick A Starter

When picking a starter, for most cases this will be one of the three regional trios (This article uses Kanto as the main example here). For a new playthrough, the choice of Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle, Pikachu, or Eevee will affect the composition for the rest of the team. So, having a starter chosen will be very important for the long run.  

If the player in question is replaying a game, they can use their knowledge of the different characters’ teams in order to compose types that are suitable for making those battles easier. Keep in mind, some players ditch their regional starters partway into their playthrough. Players in that bucket should then edit their teams to support the Pokemon in the “starter” position.

Step 2: Pick Pokemon That Supports The Starter’s Type

This section uses Charizard as an example. When choosing teammates, look at Pokemon that can support its typing. The key to this is to cover Charizard’s weaknesses. Charizard’s weaknesses are water, electric, and rock. Players simply have to pick team members that are super effective against those types. 

For example, Venusaur, Hippowdon, and Bisharp would be ideal. Charizard can also cover some of their weaknesses. Ideal team synergy is reached when every member is able to cover each other’s weaknesses. So looking at the weaknesses of the other teammates is essential as well.

Step 3: Make Sure Every Member Has a Move Set With Good Coverage

After gathering all the needed team members, all that’s left are the move sets. Each team member should have a move set that can not only bring the best out in the Pokemon’s power, but also cover their own weaknesses as well. Coverage is also what makes the difference between an ideal teammate and an ill-suited one.

As an example, I’m going to give a random example of a Charizard move set. This is not necessarily a game-accurate one, just one to illustrate my point. An example of an ideal set for Charizard would be:

Flamethrower: For Same-Type Attack Bonus (or STAB), which will make the attack do more than the base damage.

Thunder Punch: Gives Charizard coverage against its water weakness.

Earthquake: Coverage against its electric and rock weakness

Roost: Gives it the ability to regain health

Approaching move sets with this type of logic in mind can help players make their Pokemon battle-ready. There is more that goes into that, but that will be covered in a more in-depth guide.

Optional-Team Planners Can Also Help

Lastly, players can find team planners on the web that can help them with all of their needs. An example of one for Legends is displayed below.

Use the team analysis to gauge how balanced a potential team composition is. Pay the most attention to weaknesses and make sure that the values under any of the types stay between 0-2. 


Teambuilding can seem like a daunting task. However, once players grasp the basics, it is easy to build most Pokemon teams for any game. An in-depth guide will be released to accompany this, but there are also several other resources for those who want to learn more. Whether it’s one’s favorite Pokemon or building a competitive team, players should be encouraged to have fun first and foremost.

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