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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Professors Revealed

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Professors

In every pokemon game, the professors play a pinnacle part in the story. And in the recent trailer, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Professors Revealed. But this time around, there isn’t just one, but two professors. One is a female, wearing a more tribal outfit, and the other is a male, sporting somewhat futuristic gear.  This brings some rather interesting theories and questions, such as why are there two professors? And who are these people?

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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Professors

As the picture above shows, the female is known as Professor Sada and the male Professor Turo. Take a moment to just admire how handsome and beautiful the professors are. It’s sure a big step from the dad and grandpa bod professors of the older generation. No offense, Professor Oak and Birch. Beauty is subjective in the eye of the viewer.  But still. Look at these new professors, just LOOK at them. Sada’s glorious locks of hair, and Turo’s perfectly symmetrical fade.

Anyway, the two games likely utilize a different professor. In essence, Professor Sada correlates with Pokemon Scarlet and Professor Turo correlates with Pokemon Violet. Of course, this is purely speculation. Judging from the colors and style of each professor, and the fact that each pokemon game usually almost always only has one professor, evidence points pretty strongly to this theory. In essence, players don’t just choose their favored legendary. They also have to choose best waifu or husbando in the same process.

In Conclusion

The Pokemon Scarlet and Violet professors look amazing. The series’ improved graphics and revamped style allow the character models to boast an incredible amount of detail never before seen in a Pokemon game. And since these professors likely correspond with their appropriate outfit color, they add yet another level of differentiation between version types. There may be more differences outside of Legendaries and Professors between Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, but there’s little information readily available.

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