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Pokemon Legends Arceus Ride Pokemon Guide

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Hello Trainers. Legends Arceus has now been out for almost all of February. And players are still out there buying a copy for their first time. Similar to Sun and Moon, part of traversing the game’s region is getting Ride Pokemon. As the player helps out the residents of the Hisui Region, wardens will allow them to use their Celestica Flute to call on the aid of these revered beasts. This guide will walk readers through how to get all the Ride Pokemon in Legends Arceus.


In order to start summoning the Ride Nobles, players must get the Celestica Flute. Players can get this during the Frenzy of the Lord of the Woods quest. Players must do the following in order:

1.Defeat Warden Lian at Grandtree Arena

2. Go back to Professor Laventon to report the quest progress.

3.  Return to Jubilife Village and then meet Mai at the front gate.

4. Go to the Heights Camp with Mai and she will grant you the Celestic Flute and Wyrdeer as the first ride Pokemon.

That being said, players can also get Wydeer with the flute. However, they will also have to show their stuff to Mai by defeating the Alpha Kricketune causing trouble in its den. The more wardens the player impresses, the more Ride Pokemon they will earn. Luckily, the acquisition of these Pokemon are integrated into the story and are mandatory for progression. Except for Wyrdeer, the rest of this article will talk about getting the others.


While not as fast as Wyrdeer, Urasluna has the added benefit by being able to search for treasure. In order to get this mountain of a mount, players need to quell its rage by defeating it at Ursa’s Ring. While the game describes it as being in a frenzy, do not worry, it is a mini boss and not one of the frenzied nobles.


One of the three most important mounts in the game, under Wyrdeer. Basculegion is essential for traversing the seas of Hisui and progressing through the story. Players can get this by helping Iscan get food for it. However, in order to complete the dish players need to bring him a Dusclops.

Once this is done, Iscan will allow the protagonist to play the flute for Basculegion.


This mount allows people to climb steep cliffs and the mountains of Hisui. Players can get Sneasler by defeating Ingo at Clamberclaw Cliffs. Journey with him and defeat his Pokemon to show him that Sneasler is in good hands.


Lastly, the last most important mount in the game. Braviary will allow you to glide through the skies. Players can even jump from high points to reach areas they couldn’t prior in the early game. Players can get this flying brain bird by chasing Diamond Clan Warden Sabi and defeating her three Pokemon. After that, defeat Braviary and the last mount is won.


Heeding this Pokemon Legends Arceus Ride Pokemon Guide, players will find getting these ride Pokemon to be essential to enjoying their Legends experience. Players should now be able to plan their teams according to opponents like Ingo and Sabi and have an easier time defeating them. Go out there and show the Hisui Pokemon who rides on top, literally.

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