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Pokemon Legends Arceus Potential Leak

Pokemon Legends Arceus Potential Link

Pokemon Legends DLC has been a hot topic since the first week of the game has passed. Many Twitter users, such as Riddler_Khu, have been showing leaked information and speculating about the future content. This piece is covering another bit of that potential information. Another Twitter user, @DeepGameRes, has discovered an unused room in an out-of-bounds portion of the game. This piece will cover this new find and whether or not it could be part of an upcoming Legends Arceus DLC. Keep in mind that aside from talking about the leak itself, anything accompanying it is pure speculation.

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Players Have Discovered an Unused Bedroom of The Protagonist

Image from Dexerto

The screenshot depicting a frame of the thumbnail from a video by Youtuber, Faz Faz; players have discovered an unused modern-day bedroom for the main protagonist. The room is textured similar to the one from Diamond and Pearl. It also has a modern HD TV, a Nintendo Switch similar to the consoles owned by other playable characters, a bed and bean bag chair, and a desk with a computer on it. As the player character was sent into the past, this might be coming back for a future DLC.

Of course, this might have also been intended for a cutscene that wasn’t ever shown. But, as the fact that certain characters like Ingo and the player character are time-displaced goes unsolved, this asset might be waiting to be unlocked. Perhaps the ability to go back to the future is coming as DLC. Maybe at the end of that new story, Arceus will leave a way for us to hop in between the past and future? Fans can only guess at this point. As April gets closer, so does the next opportunity to find out related news for the DLC.

In Conclusion

With this Pokemon Legends Arceus Potential Leak piece, more excitement grows for what’s to be revealed. Legends Arceus DLC is still allegedly set to come out sometime in April, so the wait is only two months. While it’s not certain that this room will show up again, it’s still something that can keep fans excited for another day. For more potential DLC hints, tune back into the Game Haus.

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