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Pokemon Legends Arceus Mints Farming Guide

How to Catch Arceus

If any player is a seasoned trainer, they’d be familiar with how much natures affect the viability of their Pokemon. They’d also know how frustrating it is to casually catch a Pokemon and find that it has the worst nature possible. This guide will go over farming mints in Pokemon Legends Arceus.

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Nature Overview

For those just getting into Pokemon, natures are essentially personalities that affect the growth of a Pokemon’s stats. Some are neutral, meaning that they have no effect on a Pokemon’s stats. Others help a particular stat grow while slowing down the growth of another stat. Below, readers can see a comprehensive chart for all the different natures in Pokemon and the stats they affect.

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Natures that are grayed out do not affect any stats. The natures are Hardy, Lonely, Adamant, Naughty, Brave, Bold, Docile, Impish, Lax, Relaxed, Modest, Mild, Bashful, Rash, Quiet, Calm, Gentle, Careful, Quirky, Sassy, Timid, Hasty, Jolly, Naive, and Serious. The mints take the name of the nature they affect.

Prerequisites For Getting the Mints

In order to unlock the opportunity to get the mints, players do have to complete a couple of requests for an NPC named Miller. These requests listed by number are:

27: Help Wanted Plowing the Fields: Ground Pokemon

42: Help Wanted Watering the Fields: Water Pokemon

60: Help Wanted: Rock Smashing in the Fields

Grow Mints On the Patches of Jubilife Farm

As shown above, growing mints is actually very easy if the player has made a habit of being the friendly neighborhood Pokéman. On the farm, players can talk to Miller and help expand the patches until there are four of them. After that, once the player has quelled Hisuian Electrode, they can talk to a farmer named Colva. Going up to him will allow players to grow mint crops in the fields. The quickest way to make time pass is to go out into any of Hisui’s areas and catch 20 Pokémon. Once that is done, go back to Jubilife Village and Colva will have the mints ready for the player to pick up.

Youtuber PhillyBeatzU covers this process more in-depth, covering farming of all available crops alongside the mints. Check out the link below for an in depth video guide.


The fact that mints are in the game is a huge boon to players. The new effort level system allows players to effortlessly EV train any Pokemon they catch without IVs factoring in. Coupling this feature with the mints allows players to make literally any Pokemon the best that no one ever was. Theoretically, players could level up their entire story team and make them perfect. Players can finally keep the Pokemon they form attachments to on their main team. This Pokemon Legends Arceus Mints Farming guide hopefully shows one of the biggest reasons that this game is one of the freshest and higher quality takes on Pokemon.

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