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Pokemon Legends Arceus Ingo Guide

Pokemon Legends Arceus Ingo Guide

Pokemon Legends Arceus DLC is a hit with new players across the market. Not only that, but now players have more things to do, making the game even more of a worthwhile purchase than it was already. One thing that players were certainly looking forward to was the new battles in Jubilife Village’s training grounds. However, one character that has all fans surprised is Ingo. Traveling back to the past, Ingo was originally one of the heads of the Battle Subway in Unova with his brother, Emmet. While decently tough in the main story, Ingo has boosted himself in the DLC. This Pokemon Legends Arceus Ingo guide will help players prepare themselves for this Conductor of Doom.

Regular Battle

This is Ingo’s regular team in Jubilife Village:

Alakazam, Lvl 67, Psychic

Tangrowth, Lvl 67, Grass

Probopass, Lvl 67, Rock/Steel

Machamp, Lvl 67, Fighting

Magnezone, Lvl 67, Electric/Steel

Gliscor, Lvl 68, Ground/Flying

If the player has a well-rounded team, they should be able to take down Ingo relatively easily.

Tougher Team

Ingo’s team after the free DLC update is the same in terms of the roster, but they are almost 10-11 levels higher. Same strategy as the top, just grind before attempting.

Alakazam, Lvl 75, Psychic

Tangrowth, Lvl 75, Grass

Probopass, lvl 75, Rock/Steel

Machamp, lvl 76 Fighting

Magnezone, lvl 76, Electric/Steel

Gliscor, lvl 77, Ground/Flying

Alpha Team

Now here…is where Ingo probably got mad at players and decided to use roids on his Pokemon. If the player picks “You, Ingo–using alphas,” they have purchased a ticket to the train of hell. Ingo will. come at the protagonist with not 1, but 3 alpha Pokemon. And at once. That’s right, players don’t get the luxury of facing them one by one. Ingo rolled up and decided to jump. Luckily, here’s what everyone needs to know.

Kleavor, Lvl 75, Bug/Rock

Wyrdeer, Lvl 75, Normal/Psychic

Basculegion, Lvl 75, Water/Ghost

Players should come equipped with counters for each of these three Pokemon. Ideally, one might consider coming with alphas of their own if they want to make it easier.

Path of Solitude Battle

Finally, we have Ingo’s Hisuian starter team. This is the team he uses for when players pick him as an opponent on the Path of Solitude challenge. It is listed below:

Decidueye, Lvl 87, Grass/Fighting

Typhlosion, Lvl 87, Fire/Ghost

Samurott, Lvl 87, Water/Dark

Again, the most ideal strategy is to come with counters for the three starters. Ideally, Ground or Dark, Fire or Flying, Grass, Fighting, or Fairy.


Hopefully, this Ingo guide for Pokemon Legends Arceus has made things easier to navigate this behemoth of a trainer. Fans are saying that Ingo is now on par with champions like Cynthia. And with 3 Alphas on his team; it’s not surprising. However, it just makes him cooler and we at the Game Haus are happy that this potentially looked-over character is now becoming more mainstream.

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