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How did Pokemon Legends Arceus Improve the Series?

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Hi trainer! It is the second day of Legends Arceus being in the hands of fans everywhere. However, it is already one of the beloved Pokemon games out there. This is mainly in part to how refreshing the gameplay and mechanics are and the new strategic regards that much be taken into account. This article will go over 3 Pokemon Legends Arceus Improvements that help it stand out from its fellow games.

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Effort Levels Make the Game Less Tedious

In past Pokemon games, trainers would have to continuously breed for Pokemon with perfect IVs using items such as Everstones and Destiny Knots. Beyond that, players would then start battling certain Pokemon that would then give them a boost in certain stats. While many fans felt satisfaction from the work they put in, many hated it. Fans often got bored breeding eggs of the same Pokemon for hours. On top of this, players who value getting attached to their Pokemon can’t hold on to their story team as their adventure has messed up their EVs. It is also hard finding items that help correct this.

With effort levels, trainers can make any Pokemon’s stats stronger with just items (Grit Dust, Grit Gravel). This also allows trainers to have an actual relationship with their Pokemon. Players no longer have to box them to turn their Ditto into a breeding shop. Each Pokemon’s stats can go up to a max number of 10.

Legends Has A Beautiful New Battle System

Legends take everything players know about the traditional battle system…AND SKIP ROPE WITH IT. Along with there being no more EVs and IVs, the damage for certain Pokemon has been increased as Wild Pokemon do more damage in battle. Not only that, but Strong and Agile style add a new style that makes the game similar to battles from the anime.

With Strong Style, players can make any move (even lower-tier ones like Tackle and Quick Attack) deal a good amount of damage in exchange for movement speed. Contrarily, Agile Style does the opposite. The latter even buys the player additional turns in a row. This allows for new strategies, especially when they’re faced with more than one opponent. Players can also throw items like berries and mud in the midst of battle to help their own Pokemon.

Legends Has a Collect and Craft System

Well, welcome to Pokemon Crossing, everyone. Lastly, unlike past games, players don’t have to rely on stores and capitalism (as much). All across Hisui, players can find materials used to make poke balls, healing items, and other items. NPCs such as Captain Cyllene give players recipes that they can use to craft a myriad of items. Of course, players will be able to buy items from their camp and stores in Jubilife Village, but they also have the options to craft on their own.


Legends Arceus is bringing Pokemon into a new age. This Pokemon Legends Arceus Improvements List shows us how a change in formula elevates how glorious modern Pokemon can be. All Gamefreak needs to do is keep what changes worked and continue to make games with a forward-thinking attitude. Enjoy exploring the Hisui Region trainers.

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