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Pokemon Legends Arceus How to Catch Shaymin

Pokemon Legends Arceus Shaymin

Shaymin is one of those mythical Pokemon that has always been hard to catch. It was available to people through an event item called, “Oak’s Letter” during the days of Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum. After that, Gamefreak has only offered Shaymin again during the 2016 year-long mythical event. However, in Pokemon Legends Arceus, save data from Sword and Shield unlocks a quest that players can complete in order to unlock this mythical hedgehog. This article will go through how to catch Shaymin in Pokemon Legends Arceus.

Flowers of Gratitude

Players can start this quest by going to the board in Professor Laventon’s office. A member of the Diamond Clan, Medi, was rescued by a grass-type Pokemon years ago. She wants to find it again to thank it for its help. Medi tasks the player to help her track it down. Players can find Shaymin in a Gracidea Flower patch in the Obsidian Fieldlands.

If the player talks to Medi at the Fieldlands Camp, she will gift the player with a Gracidiea Flower so they can access Shaymin’s Sky Form.

Go to Floaro Gardens

After speaking with Medi, players should go right from the Fieldlands Camp until they arrive at Flaro Gardens. There, they will find that the flowers have all wilted. Medi will then show up and, still recognizing the field from her memory, shouts a thank you to Shaymin.

In response, the Gracidea Flowers come back to life and the hedgehog presents itself to her and the player. Giving the player her thanks, she leaves the player to battle and catch Shaymin. Despite being a mythical Pokemon, the game treats it as a normal encounter. Players can try to sneak up using Smoke Bombs and Stealth Spray or just crouch to get in a back strike technique. Once the player hits their mark, the battle begins.

Tips for the Battle

Shaymin is level 70 and is weak against fire, poison, and flying types. Players can also deal out status effects (preferably paralysis and sleep) to make catching it easier. Bring plenty of Ultra Balls and healing items as Shaymin is strong enough to knock out at least half a team. If the player accidentally kills Shaymin, they can go back to Jubilife City and come back to the Garden to encounter it again.

In Conclusion

Shaymin is an incredibly coveted mythical Pokemon. Just like Deoxys in Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, Shaymin is finally available to be captured semi-normally. Hopefully, Pokemon will make other rare mythical Pokemon available through having save data from other Pokemon games players enjoy.

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