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Pokemon Legends Arceus Hisuian Arcanine Guide

Pokemon Legends Arceus Hisuian Arcanine

In Pokemon Legends Arceus, traditional gym battles and the Elite Four have been replaced with Noble Pokemon. These scary Pokemon have been incensed due to being hit by the lightning from the Space/Time Rift at Mt Coronet. There are 5 Noble Pokemon and they are the bosses that players will face at the end of their respective story missions. This guide will cover how to beat Hisuian Arcanine, the third Noble Pokemon boss in Legends Arceus.

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Once players have gathered the Volcano Balms, they are to meet Palina, Iscan, and Irida at Firespit Island. Hisuian Arcanine is level 35 in this fight, so players may want to grind to a reasonable level 40, or higher if they choose to. Once they enter the arena, Arcanine will start off the fight enraged.

During this fight, players will want to watch Arcanine’s movements and start chucking balms at them as fast as they can. Arcanine will bide its time and charge at the player in a flurry of flames. Keep aware that there is lava on the field. While players cannot touch it and take damage, there is an invisible wall that will block the player. This risks the chance of Arcanine cornering them if they’re not careful. Arcanine can also hit the player with an AOE attack by jumping and landing near them. Players should time their dodges carefully.

After a while of this, Arcanine will charge up a row of flame orbs. Counter this by throwing balms at it. For each balm that hits Arcanine, an orb will disappear. This will tire it out. When this happens, send out a Pokemon for battle.  

It is recommended that players have access to Water, Rock, Ground, and Fighting type Pokemon on their teams. Once Arcanine is stunned during the battle portion, the player will have opportunities to assault them with balms until they recover. Rinse and repeat this process and players will find themselves victorious. Arcanine gives the Flame Plate to those who defeat it.

In Conclusion

Unlike in other games, these are basically your gym leaders. These Noble Pokemon are not only tough, but truly unite the efforts of both trainer and Pokemon. For those that are afraid of blacking out, worry not. If a player loses to Arcanine, it will give them the option to restart the battle and no items will be lost. It is possible to get through this fight by only dodging and throwing balms. However, battling with one’s Pokemon is half the fun so, please give it a try. Hopefully, players are getting use out of this Pokemon Legends Arceus Hisuian Arcanine guide.

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