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Pokemon Legends Arceus Daybreak Update Guide: Requests 95-99

Daybreak Update Guide

After finishing the base-game for Pokemon Legends Arceus, players acquire access to the newly updated content of Daybreak. A big portion of the requests in Pokemon Legends Arceus Daybreak center around studying Massive Mass Outbreaks.  These are a unique entity, varying from the typical Mass Outbreak. But as a whole, the complexity of these requests isn’t anything out of the ordinary. This Daybreak Update Guide will cover Requests 95-99, walking players through every detail necessary for completion.

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Request 95 – A New Anomaly

To begin the series of post game content, head to Obsidian Fieldlands. Mai should be waiting at the Heights Camp. Talking to her begins a short cutscene, during which she expresses some concerns. Apparently, her Munchlax keeps trying to roam off. Honestly, Mai’s little interactions with her Munchlax are adorable.

Anyway, the Arc Phone then reacts, showing Munchlax’s supposed destination: Ramanas Island. Check out Ramanas Islands in order to investigate the “new mystery.”

The map should mark the destination. Simply make way there, upon which players will stumble upon this sight.

Horde of Zorua

Report back to Mai with the findings to begin more dialogue. These little snipbits are highly entertaining, and honestly add a lot of character to the story. But for those uninterested in the story, just make way to Cyllene back in headquarters.

Talking to Cyllene effectively concludes Request 95. She thanks the player, and grants them the reward. Very soon after, Mai bursts into the room with news, flinging the player forward in the story.

Mai reports that her Munchlax reacted to multiple mass outbreak locations. Cylline proceeds to very cleverly name these Massive Mass Outbreaks, an underlying theme for the Daybreak Requests.


  • Ultra Ball x 30 
  • Apricorn x 60
  • Tumblestone x 60
Quick Fun Trivia: Which Munchlax is Mai’s?
Which Munchlax is Mai’s?

Request 96 – Massive Mass Outbreak in the Fieldlands

Proceed to the Village’s Gate, where Mai will be waiting. Talking to her will begin Request 96. She states that perhaps Munchlax was interested in the Mass Outbreaks, hence its tendency to run off. The game will then teleport the player to the Heights Camp, which then requires players to take care of three Massive Mass Outbreaks.

Daybreak Update Guide

Go on and proceed to take care of three Massive Mass Outbreaks within the Obsidian Fieldlands. As shown above, the outbreaks do dissipate if players take too long. Simply throwing pokeballs and catching them as fast as possible may be the best solution, rather than attempting to battle them. But if battles do begin, don’t worry. These pokemon are quite under-leveled. Just one shot them real fast.

Once complete, turn in with Mai at the Heights Camp within the Obsidian Fieldlands. While talking with her, old lady Calaba will appear out of nowhere and interrupt the conversation. To continue the story, meet up with Calaba at the Hair Salon in Jubilife Village.


  • Tumblestone x 30 
  • Iron Chunk x 40
  • Smoke bomb x 20

Request 97 – Massive Mass Outbreak in the Mirelands

Upon reaching the front of the Hair Salon, Arezu, Mai, and Munchlax await the player. A dialogue cut scene begins, during which Arezu exclaims that Massive Mass Outbreaks may be a form of festival for pokemon. Perhaps they gathered, celebrating the rain. Though the theory at this point remains unconfirmed, it’s a very interesting idea.

Daybreak Update Guide

Apparently a Mass Outbreak of Alphas was spotted in the Crimson Mirelands, thus officially beginning Request 97.

Talking to Mai will transport the player to the Crimson Mirelands. Soon after, players will be approached by Narcissist Melli, who provides the player 20 Aguav Berries.

These berries are quite important. Giving Mai’s Munchlax Aguav Berries allows the player to find out what pokemon are appearing at each mass outbreak location. Some outbreaks provide more berries, while those with a sparkle mark special mass outbreaks.

Daybreak Update Guide

The request requires players to investigate three massive outbreaks in the Crimson Mirelands. These are higher level than the previous pokemon, but not strong enough to cause any worry. This rings especially true considering the Request is only available during the post game.

Make sure to try and farm some Aguav Berries at some point, since they’re key to Massive Mass Outbreak farming. Simply report back to Mai upon completion, after which Irida will greet the player.


  • Apricorn x 20
  • Black Tumblestone x 30
  • Iron Chunk x 30

Request 98 – Massive Outbreak in the Coastlands

Meet Mai at the front of the gates of Jubilife Village. This mission is more of the same, but just a different part of the region. But before heading off, Gaeric approaches the player and hands them some Sticky Globs. To nobody’s surprise, this Request brings the players to the Coastlands. Investigate three massive outbreaks, and return to Mai at the Beachside Camp. 

Upon completion, the rival will show up and challenge the player to a battle. It’s honestly a nice switch of gears, providing a little bit more of a challenge than the previous Pokemon Legends Arceus Daybreak requests.

Here are the Rival’s Pokemon: 

  • Clefairy Level 60
  • Staraptor Level 61
  • Mr. Mime Level 61
  • Pikachu Level 62
  • Monferno Lv 62

After beating the rival, they’ll state that the professor and they think pokemon are gathering around lingering traces of energy left behind by the space-time rift.  The correlation between the rainstorms is not yet revealed.


  • Tumblestone x 30 
  • Sky Tumblestone x 30 
  • Iron Chunk x 30

Request 99 – Trick Treat Strategy

Talk to Mai in front of the headquarters in Jubilife Village. She’ll request that the player bring 10 mushroom cakes to the Secret Hollow in the Alabaster Icelands. Players can purchase these from Choy at 400 a pop.

Make way to the Secret Hollow in the Alabaster Icelands, and wait for Mai.  She’ll rejoice when giving her the mushroom cakes, and directs the player to return to Jubilife Village. But when going torwards the camp, Lian will appear and hand the player 30 Aguav Berries.

Upon talking to Mai back in Jubilife Village, she’ll state that she doesn’t recall asking for mushroom cakes. There may be a pokemon imposter…


  • Star Piece x 3 
  • Iron Chunk x 30

In conclusion

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Hopefully this Daybreak update guide was at least fun to read.

Pokemon Legends Arceus Daybreak provides a great extension to an already great game. It gives new types of outbreaks, more challenging fights, and even more story to engage the players. The Daybreak requests number from 95 all the way to 118. In other words, Daybreak requests total to 24 missions. That’s quite the ample content. And considering the developers labeled Daybreak as a 1.1.0 Update, there are chances of more content in the future. Hopefully, the developers continue adding content to Pokemon Legends Arceus.

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