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Pokemon Legends Arceus Daybreak: Free Update Announced

Pokemon Legends Arceus Daybreak

Many fans were expecting DLC for Pokemon Legends Arceus. But what the Pokemon Company gave the community is even better! The newest entry in the pokemon series receives a free new update, providing new content without the need of an additional purchase. Revealed in the Pokemon Direct 2022, Pokemon Legends Arceus Daybreak announced. But what is this new update, and when does the Pokemon Legends Arceus Daybreak release?

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The new update is essentially more content for the base game of Legends Arceus. In the official announcement, they stated that there will be new investigations for researching a curious phenomena causing outbreaks across the Hisui Region. Chances are, this will be post to mid game content, providing a decent challenge. Of course, hands on experience and gameplay is necessary to make a solid judgement.

In addition, players can now engage in new pokemon battles with allied pokemon at the training grounds. This directly addresses the lack of “controlled” pokemon battles in Legends Arceus. The new funciton in Pokemon Legends Arceus Daybreak provides players a chance to test their parties out.

Players can also use the password below for a special gift for Pokemon Day! Buit this is only for a limited time, so make sure to cash in the rewards soon!

In Conclusion

The fact that Pokemon Legends Arceus receives a free new update spells great news for the game’s future. Many people expected paid DLC, like in Sword and Shield. Instead, Pokemon Legends Arceus Daybreak remains free for every user. A free update not even a month into the game’s release is a great sign.  Hopefully, there’ll be even more content added onto Pokemon Legends Arceus as time goes on.

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