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Pokemon Legends Arceus Cresselia Bug

Pokemon Legends Arceus Cresselia Bug

Anyone who’s ever played a Pokemon game knows that bugs may be part of the experience. Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl even kept all of the bugs from the original games. At least they’re trying to patch them all now. It just so happens that a bug in Pokemon Legends Arceus concerning Cresselia has been discovered by gamers.

The Plate of Moonview Arena

The Plate of Moonview Arena is a quest that players must do in the post-game in order to catch Cresselia. This ungodly moon being is tankier than an APC and essential for completing the Pokedex. However, there is a nasty bug left in the game’s programming. Apparently, if players catch Cresselia without talking to Melli first in the quest, the game will not allow players to finish the quest. This is bothersome as players will not be able to advance and catch the other legendaries if the game doesn’t register that the quest is done.

Players can still complete the post-game as they like and the bug should be patched by next week. However, if anyone is worried about gaining access to the other legendaries, keep these things in mind.

  1. Turn off autosave and keep it off. Seriously, it is more of a hindrance than a convenience.
  2. Keep busy with side quests until next week. Legends is never short of requests from the residing NPCs and it can earn players items and completed Pokedex pages.
  3. Do this quest, but remember to talk to Melli before catching Cresselia.

In Conclusion

Bugs are never a fun part of any gaming experience. However, it is normal for issues to arise in any big video game and patches are here to help with that. Legends Arceus is still a great game, so don’t let this ruin the good in it. The bug is not game-breaking as long as you keep this piece in mind. Happy hunting trainers.

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Anonymous February 12, 2022 at 4:33 pm


Anonymous February 20, 2022 at 7:44 am

There is a fix to the cresselia glitch by pressing up + X + B on the title screen to load the game’s backup save data. If you did not catch any more pokemon after you caught cresselia, you will be sent back to the summit camp and can fight cresselia again to legitamately catch it. If you caught other pokemon like I did with regigigas, you won’t be able to catch cresselia again.


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