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Pokemon HOME Compatibility for Sinnoh Games Announced

Pokemon Home Sinnoh game compatibility

Good news has been announced today, trainers. After speculating and wanting for so long, the Pokemon Company has finally announced that they will be making Pokemon HOME compatible with BDSP and Legends Arceus. Players will now be able to transfer their favorite mons between ancient Hisui and modern-day Sinnoh.  This article will go over all the information announced about Pokemon Home and Sinnoh game compatibility.

Pokemon HOME Update

According to, the company will be adding compatibility in a future update. The update will link all of Gen 8’s Pokemon games together. For example, a player can take a pokemon caught in Sword and Shield and send it to Brilliant Diamond. However, this might only apply to games that the specific Pokemon is coded into. For example, Pikachu is in all the gen 8 games, so players can transfer it to any of them.

Players can also revel in the fact that HOME’s Pokedex will also be updated with the new patch. Before, HOME only hosted a National Pokedex (something sorrily missed in Sword and Shield). After the new patch, all of the different Pokedexes from each gen 8 game will be registered into HOME. Players will also get new stickers to decorate their profiles will.

Strange Balls

Something interesting about this update is what shows up when a Pokemon from BDSP is put into Legends and vice versa, they will show up in something called Strange Balls. Due to the difference in setting between the three games, Pokemon from either game have Pokeballs that are literally out of their time periods. This attention to detail is impressive on ILCA’s part. Even if it’s merely cosmetic, it’s an exciting detail that gets even the Game Haus hype. Strange balls are green in appearance and have no special benefit.

Special Gift Pokemon

Lastly, players can get special Pokemon for linking each game to HOME. BDSP players will get Turtwig, Chimchar, and Piplup all with their hidden abilities. Legends players will get Rowlet, Cyndaquil, and Oshawott with maximum effort values. Players access these Pokemon through the mobile app version of Pokemon HOME.


This has been something Pokemon fans have been wanting since BDSP came out. Though this update does not even begin to correct the mess Dexit caused, it at least helps players bring over Pokemon that they consider their best. With Pokemon HOME and Modern Sinnoh game compatibility on the horizon, players should renew their HOME subscriptions now if they haven’t.

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