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Pokemon BDSP Underground Statue Breakdown

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Hi, Trainers. As the Grand Underground Breakdown mentioned, smaller, more specific breakdowns, will be made to cover other aspects. This Pokemon BDSP Underground Statue Breakdown goes over the different types of statues and how to find them. For more information on the Grand Underground as a whole, readers should check out the link here.

How to Find Statues in the Grand Underground

Finding statues is fairly easy. In the Grand Underground, players will find one of two types of boxes: Pretty Boxes and Gorgeous Boxes. Players find these as normal items you can dig out of the wall and will yield you different statues. Pretty boxes will yield the player normal statues and Gorgeous will yield the player a colored one. The only hard part of finding them is praying that the wall doesn’t cave in before they can be found. However, these are two of the items with the least complicated methods of obtaining them.

Statue Benefits

Regardless of the appearance, statues in the Grand Underground all do the same thing. By decorating a secret base with them, players will be able to increase or decrease the spawn rates of certain types of Pokemon. If a player only has a fire-type statue in their base, fire types will spawn more frequently. This can help with finding rare spawns like Magby or Elekid. If players put down multi-type statues, the boost will go to whichever type has the bigger amount of statues placed.

The difference between each statue type is the intensity of the boost.

Normal Statues: +1 boost,  keep in mind that the bigger the statue, the more effective the boost.

Colored Statues: +2 boost

Players can place only 18 statues in their bases at a time. Pick wisely.

What About Legendary Statues?

Legendary statues are as the name suggests, statues of various legendary pokemon. Players obtain these by catching their respective Pokemon in Ramanas Park. Despite looking different from other normal statues, it simply gives the corresponding types a plus one boost.


Statues are an incredibly essential part of the Grand Underground experience. They can help players gain easier access to the type of Pokemon they’re looking for. And they can also help with rare spawns. After reading this Pokemon BDSP Underground Statue Breakdown, players should get down there and try to find as many as they can.

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