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Pokemon BDSP: How to Catch Cresselia

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Hello Trainers. At this point, players are most likely in the post-game and getting ready to capture all the post-game Pokemon they can. This Pokemon BDSP Cresselia Catch breakdown will inform players how to catch the Lunar Pokemon, Cresselia. In order to access Cresselia, players must beat the Elite 4 first. They must also have the National Dex.

Canalave City

The first step in catching this Pokemon is going to Canalave City and finding Sailor Eldritch’s house. Once inside, talking to the boy will trigger dialogue of the boy suffering from an intense nightmare. Talking to the boy’s mom will reveal that the boy has been trapped in his own dream for days and that if they could get a Lunar Wing from Fullmoon Island, they could wake their son up. It is highly implied from the dialogue that the boy is trapped in a nightmare made by Darkrai.

Fullmoon Island

Once the player has talked to Eldritch’s wife, they can go to the pier outside his home and talk to Eldritch himself. Reiterating what his wife tells the player, Eldritch asks the player if they will help him. After saying yes, he will take them to Fullmoon Island where the player can encounter Cresslia just chilling in the center of the crater.

Approach the Swan

The player can now go up and interact with it. Cresselia acknowledges the player and leaves, gifting the player with a Lunar Wing. The protagonist then goes back to Canalave City and wakes up Eldritch’s son.

When in Roam, use your Poketch

From here on, Cresselia will roam the entire Sinnoh region. Players need to use their Poketch’s map marker in order to predict which route Cresselia will show up on. Another way to find her is to fly to a city and enter and exit it on a certain route until Cresselia appears on the same route as the player. Once the player does this, they will need a Pokemon with Mean Look to lock Cresselia into battles so it cannot flee. Another thing they could do is use a Pokemon that has an ability that prevents fleeing, like Shadow Tag. Use any Pokeball that can be effective and voila, Cresselia is captured.


Players cannot find Darkrai in the game yet despite being the culprit behind this side plot. And unlike Deoxys in ORAS, the developers did not add it into the game to catch normally. While the plot itself is resolved, it is a shame that ILCA did not think to expand this side plot to allow fans to catch the Pokemon behind the family’s plight in the first place.

Either way, after reading this Pokemon BDSP Cresselia Catch breakdown, players now have the info to catch the Fullmoon Pokemon.

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