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Pokemon BDSP: Heatran Catch Breakdown

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Hello Trainers. If anyone is doing the post-game right now, then they’d know one of the biggest appeals is catching legendaries. One of the first ones that players can catch is Heatran. This Pokemon BDSP Heatran Catch Breakdown will go over the steps to getting this Pokemon for a team or National Dex entry.

The Fight Area

Once the main story is done, the player can go to Snowpoint City and meet their rival at the post-game island. The player should go to Snowpoint City and talk to the sailor by the entrance. He will then ferry them away to the Fight Area. There, they will meet Buck, the younger brother of Flint. His goal is trying to be the strongest trainer on the island.

After this, players should proceed to the Battle Tower and have at least a 7 win streak before continuing on to Stark Mountain.

Stark Mountain

In order to get to Stark Mountain, players will have to go west of the Battle Tower and then north of the Fight Area. They could also go east of the Battle Tower and then north. Once there, players will need to use Rock Smash, Rock Climb, and Strength in order to get to the second room of the mountain cave. Once there, Buck will travel with the player, fighting trainers as they make their way to the final room. Be aware, while traveling with Buck, players will not be able to use Rock Climb. Once they get to Heatran’s room, Buck will take the Magma Stone and go back to his house in the Survival Area.

Buck Needs to Return the Stone

Turns out that the magma stone was the only thing keeping Stark Mountain’s volcano in the Survival Area under control. Once back in the Survival Area, players can go back to Buck’s house and trigger a cutscene where Buck tells them that he will go back to Stark Mountain. Players then go back to Stark Mountain and Heatran will be there waiting for the player to catch them.


Once captured, the story is completed. With this Pokemon BDSP Heatran Catch Breakdown, players should be able to get this easy-to-find post-game legendary. This Pokemon is essential for anyone looking to find a signature fire type for their team.

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