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Pokemon BDSP Drifloon Catching Breakdown

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Hello trainers. If one’s reading this, then more likely than not, they’re a fan of Fridays. In fact, Fridays are very important to the subject of this article. This Pokemon BDSP Drifloon Catching Breakdown will go over how players can find and catch Drifloon. Drifblim is a very viable ghost/flying type with good bulk and high special attack power. However, Drifloon is not easy to find and the method is very particular. By the end of this piece, players should hopefully have this stored in their memory.

Drifloon Only Appears on Fridays

The reason it’s imperative to keep Friday in mind is that it is the only day trainers can get Drifloon. Players must wait until every Friday night and go to the location where Drifloon is to catch it. While players could also turn their time back, they can also have Drifloon traded to them by their friends if they don’t want to put in the effort.

The Valley Windworks Are the Key

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In order to find their ghost balloon, players need to go to the Valley Windworks and bring plenty of Dusk Balls to make the job easier. Drifloon doesn’t take a whole lot of effort to catch normally, but at night, this can make the job twice as painless. Bring a Pokemon effective against either ghost and flying, or that can use Foresight and False Swipe, and voila, Drifloon has joined the team.


Seeing or catching Drifloon is an integral part of completing the Sinnoh and National Dex. And now that this Pokemon BDSP Drifloon Catching Breakdown is out, players will be able to catch their own floaty friend. Happy free balloon day everyone.

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