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Pokemon BDSP Champion Cynthia Breakdown

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Hello, trainers. There has been a Gym Leader Breakdown and an Elite 4 Breakdown. Today, this Pokemon BDSP Champion Cynthia Breakdown will put the spotlight on this fan-favorite champion. The Pokemons’ typings and level will be listed, as was done with the other major bosses. Suggestions will also be made for how to counter these opponents.


Type: Ghost/Dark

Level: 61

This Pokemon can be taken down by fairy-type attacks. Due to its typing, this is the only type effective against Spiritomb.


Type: Grass/Poison

Level: 60

Roserade can be taken out by ground, fire, flying, and psychic. Use these well.


Type: Water/Ground

Level: 60

Players can use grass attacks to deal with these opponents.


Type: Fighting/Steel

Level: 63

Players can use fighting, fire, flying, and ground types to deal with this opponent. Lucario is frail enough that one good STAB Earthquake should take it down quickly.


Type: Water

Level: 63

Grass and electric-type attacks will be the player’s best friends against this foe.


Type: Dragon/Ground

Level: 66

Players should deal with this opponent using ice, dragon, and fairy moves. Cynthia’s Garchomp is her strongest Pokemon and the stuff of nightmares for many people. However, if players train up enough, come prepared with the proper items, and plan their type advantages to a T, they will succeed.


Cynthia is the most feared champion in the Pokemon fandom. And without proper preparation, players will struggle to defeat her. BDSP Cynthia, especially, is the hardest version of her to date. However, with this Pokemon BDSP Champion Cynthia breakdown, players should feel empowered with the knowledge to build a team around countering her. As long as they can handle the Elite Four, nothing should stand in their way of fighting Cynthia.

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