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Other Classic, Non-Evolving Pokémon That Need Evolutions

delibird evolutions

With the exciting announcement of Sirfetch’d, the long-awaited evolution of Farfetch’d, the question has to be asked: What other Pokémon, especially from earlier generations, deserve an evolution? These Pokémon are fan-favorites and ones that, if an evolution were added, could be a great way to connect older fans of the franchise to the newer games. Adding an evolution is also a great way to resurrect some of the more forgotten Pokémon and give them more of a purpose, rather than just continuing to add new ones.

With all of this in mind, here are some Pokémon, who don’t currently belong to an evolutionary line, that ought to receive their own evolutions. For reference, here are all the Pokémon that currently do not evolve.


Delibird is one of the most lovable and personality-filled Pokémon in the entire franchise. It’s been heavily featured in the TV series and had a mini-game of it’s own in the Pokémon Stadium franchise. All in all, it’s a Pokémon that is chock-full of potential, but sees no real use in-game. Adding an evolution, either in the form of an adorable baby Delibird or in a post-evolution, could bring a fan-favorite back into the limelight and into the hearts of fans that may have been too young to miss it.


Speaking of Pokémon that have struggled to get any real use, enter Dunsparce. This lovable bottom-feeder has yet to see the light of day as it pertains to any real use in-game, very similar to Farfetch’d, who just received an evolution. Dunsparce really just needs something to evolve into, or a goofy Mega-Evolution to give it some power in fights.

Artist JessJackDew has theories for several Pokémon evolutions, including both Delibird and Dunsparce. Here is their theory, which is one that would give Dunsparce two evolutions. This would certainly make Dunsparce more serviceable in-game.

dunsparce evolutions
Image Courtesy of JessJackDaw


Of all of the Pokémon on this list, Skarmory is one of the few that could benefit most from a pre-evolution, rather than a post. It is already an extremely well-typed Pokémon with solid stats, however, a smaller evolution could add some depth to catching or obtaining one in Pokémon Sword and Shield, or in future games. This has consistently been a fan-favorite and would benefit greatly from a cute little metal hatchling pre-evolution.


Pinsir really got the worse end of the deal out of the two Bug-type Pokémon from Generation 1. His counterpart, Scyther, got a sweet evolution in Scizor, which is obtained by trading it with a Metal Coat. This led to Scizor getting a Mega Evolution. While Pinsir has one of his own as well, he could still benefit greatly from either a pre-evolution or a different typed post-evolution, similar to what Scizor is for Scyther.

Here is a fan theory about a full evolutionary line for Pinsir, from artist Twarda.

pinsir evolutions
Image Courtesy of Twarda


Kecleon is one of the coolest Pokémon, design-wise, in the entire franchise. However, despite his awesome and creative design, he has no viable place in the game due to its weak overall stats. Adding a post-evolution, specifically, could add a lot to its usage. For such a cool Pokémon, it deserves lots more use and an evolution could be a great step in the right direction. Below is a fan-made evolution that could serve as a launching point to get started.

kecleon evolution
Image Courtesy of EJ Rosario via Pinterest


The last time several evolutions were added to the game was in the 4th generation series, so could this 8th generation be time again to add several more? If so, these five Pokémon would be excellent candidates for new evolutions. Other candidates that could potentially receive evolutions include Tauros, Lapras, Solrck, Lunatone, Kangaskhan, Aerodactyl, Shuckle and Stantler, among many others from the list above.

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