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What is the New Pokemon Snap Release Date?

New Pokemon Snap Release Date

After many years of waiting, Pokemon Snap fans finally are getting the new game they have been hoping for. Players can already pre-order the game already on nearly every website including GameStop, Best Buy and Amazon. Here is a look at the release date for the new Pokemon Snap.

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Pokemon has been one of the most popular universes to ever exist. Many thought that it would be a fad that would die out after a few years. Oh, how wrong they were. Now it is one of the most successful gaming franchises ever and one that does not seem to be losing momentum. After the mainline RPG games came out, Pokemon started to expand its reach into other games. One of these games was Pokemon Snap that came out for the Nintendo 64.

This game essentially took the 3D renditions of everyone’s favorite Pokemon from Pokemon Stadium, stuck them on an island and players went around taking pictures of the Pokemon in their natural habitat. It was a lot like doing a safari in the real world. The game was a hit and many have been wondering why there has never been a sequel?

Luckily it seems as though the new Pokemon Snap release date is much closer than they thought. The game has seemingly been in the works for a while now and will be coming out for the Nintendo Switch on April 30.

This game is likely to be a big success if it sticks closely to the original. It will have an even bigger selection of Pokemon to choose from. The original game only had the first 151 Pokemon, now, there are 898 different Pokemon. It will be interesting to see if all of them are in there or how expansive the game is with the many different Pokemon and areas that are available to choose from.

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