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New Features and More Pokemon Revealed for Sword and Shield

At today’s Nintendo Direct there were a few new features announced for Pokemon Sword and Shield.

To start, Outfits are back and better than ever. Instead of just getting to choose the tops and bottoms for the player character, players will have a lot more customization options. While they did not show them all, they did show things like gloves, glasses and shoes were available and have a variety of options.

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One of the bigger announcements was Pokemon Camp. Similar to the old Pokemon Park people will be able to interact with their pokemon and the pokemon of their friends. This comes with the features first seen in X and Y where a player can pet their Pokemon and groom them. Also added was Cooking. This new feature includes cooking with berries and other ingredients found in the game. There will be over 100 different combinations.

Lastly two new Pokemon were revealed. A ghost type named Polteageist that hides in dishes and whose body is made of tea. It seems to have special effects when using it at Pokemon Camps and cooking. The second one was Cramorant a flying and water type. It has a special ability that when it uses surf or dive it will come up with a fish. Once attacked it will shoot the fish out at the opposing Pokemon.

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