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Is Pokemon Legends Arceus Multiplayer?

Pokemon Legends Arceus Multiplayer

With the newest pokemon game to the main line franchise arriving very soon, players may be wondering if Pokemon Legends Arceus Multiplayer exists or not. Well, the story mode and play through itself has no built in couch coop functions. In other words, similar to the usual Pokemon game, players will traverse the lands on their own. Therefore, the only multiplayer available is through local or online play. This begs the question, what forms of online play exist?

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As of now, the only confirmed Pokemon Legends Arceus multiplayer function to exist is trading. This means there has been no confirmation of battles or other fun cooperative experiences. Though this is a bit of a downer, try to keep positive. Surely the single player experience will provide more than enough enjoyment from the game, so it doesn’t even necessarily need a battle function. But it’s also possible that the battle function alongside other multiplayer modes simply haven’t been revealed yet. Whatever the case, keep a look out. Pokemon Arceus is about to evolve the standards for Pokemon games, creating a whole new level of expectations within the pokemon Community.

In Conclusion

If news of more online features release, this article will be updated as well. As of now, the information presented here is all that is readily available for the public. Nothing else has been revealed. Many early access reviewers and players sang high praise for Pokemon Legends Arceus. Hopefully, the game delivers on its promises, bringing players around the world on a brand new pokemon adventure.

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