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How to Catch Pokemon BDSP Spiritomb?

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Hi, trainers, hope everyone is having fun in the Grand Underground. Spiritomb is one of the most versatile and interesting Pokemon found in Sinnoh. Spiritomb also continues to be a viable pick in today’s meta. This Pokemon BDSP Spiritomb guide will show players how to obtain this interesting Pokemon.

Step 1: Getting the Odd Keystone

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The first thing players need to do is get the Odd Keystone from an NPC outside of Hearthome City. Once players get to Route 208 from Mt. Coronet, they will be able to find an NPC by the big patch of grass at the bottom of the mountain. When they approach them, they will tell the player to just take it and that they don’t want it anymore. This is the keystone that Spiritomb is sealed in.

Step 2: Insert the Odd Keystone in Hallowed Tower

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Once the player has access to Route 209, proceed until you find an old stone tower by the water. Press A and it will ask you if you want to reinsert the Odd Keystone where it belongs. Whether you have met the last requisite for getting Spiritomb or not, it will allow you to insert the stone anyway.

Step 3: Grand Underground

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Just like the originals, BDSP has an Underground component that will also annoy players for hours. Players must talk to 32 characters in the Grand Underground. These characters have to be trainers (excluding the hikers that sell or barter goods). Luckily, Jordan Middler at Nintendo Life has cited that the message at the Hallowed Tower changes to help keep track of how far along players are. Here it is below:

  • 0-7 “It appears to have been built many years ago.”
  • 8-14 “Its stones appear to have shifted…”
  • 15-21 “…Is that crying coming from inside the towers?”
  • 22-28 “Is the shower shaking ever so slightly?”
  • 29-31 “There is some sort of presence… It appears ready to emerge!”

Once you talk to 32 of them, go back to the tower and Spiritomb will appear to them. Apparently, this can be done multiple times, but honestly…unless one is a very generous friend and doing this for someone else as a gift, don’t.


Getting Spiritomb is not a challenge for the faint at heart. However, tackling it with friends can help make following this Pokemon BDSP Spiritomb guide more fun than infuriating. Once this is done, make sure you have a strong team and plenty of pokeballs to make this easy. And lastly, do NOT kill it by accident. Because this is something that players will not want to do more than once.

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