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How much does Pokemon Legends Arceus Cost?

How much does Pokemon Legends Arceus Cost

The release date for Pokemon Legends Arceus has been revealed. Fans are able to preorder the games on the Pokemon or Nintendo website. This will be encouraging to fans. While it was anticipated that Pokemon would release early next year, none expected it to be in January 2022. Now the question becomes, how much does Pokemon Legends Arceus cost?

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In this latest update for the new Pokemon games, the official Pokemon Legends Arceus box art was revealed. This was the fan’s first look at some of the Pokemon that would be in the game as well as them looking over a vast expanse. This is certainly more like other none-mainline series games. The Pokemon represented were the starters in Cyndaquil, Oshawott and Rowlet. Then there of course was Pikachu along with Lucario, Bidoof, Rhyhorn, Staraptor and Rawlts. This was the first confirmation of some of these Pokemon in the new game.

Pokemon Legends Arceus Box Art
Pokemon Legends Arceus Box Art

As one can see, the answer to how much does Pokemon Legends Arceus cost was also revealed to be $59.99 in USD. This is standard for any Nintendo Switch game.

Pokemon Legends Arceus Preorder
Pokemon Legends Arceus Preorder

With rumors of a Pokemon Direct coming soon it wouldn’t be a massive surprise to see more from Pokemon Legends Arceus. There were some complaints about the graphics but it was later revealed that this was mainly due to the fact that Pokemon were showing an older version of the game. No matter what comes out, this game could be a defining one for the franchise. If open-world work with Pokemon Legends Arceus then it could open the gates for future games.

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