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Good Game’s “VGC Pinnacle” Looks to Be Competitive Pokemon’s First Esports League

Pokemon VGC pinnacle

An up and coming esports organization, Good Game, has announced a project known as “VGC Pinnacle” which will be an esports league for the Pokemon VGC scene. Details about this new esports league were shared in an announcement video dropped today by Good Game. The league has 14 teams currently in its roster and these teams (consisting of five players each) will play over 12 weeks for the chance to win a prize pool of over $500. The project is attempting to be totally crowd funded, with some help coming from additional sponsors, and will be partnering with the new gaming social networking platform Gamerjibe.

These are the teams/esports organization that will be participating in season one of the league:

Many of these teams already have sponsored VGC players on their rosters like Spyno’s Eduardo Cunha, Total Advantage’s Nick Navarre and Good Game’s own Justin Crubaugh just to name a few. Of course, this means many of these teams have rosters to fill, which is where the community comes in once again. Players can apply through VGC Pinnacle’s Gamerjibe lounge for a chance to be invited into a draft, but for those who don’t, they will be hosting a try-out tournament for a chance at some last minute spots.

The VGC Pinnacle league is looking to formally establish Pokemon VGC as a legitimate esport and bridge the long-time gap between Pokemon and traditional esports. With full support from the Pokemon VGC community, this project has a ton of potential to truly push competitive Pokemon into the realm of esports.

Details on the league including the rules, sign-ups etc. can be found on VGC Pinnacle’s official Twitter pages which will surely be updating soon with more information.

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