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Gen 7 Pokemon Are Coming to Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO Generation 7

The Pokemon Presents had a lot of great updates today. One of the most surprising ones, however, was an update to the Pokemon in Pokemon GO. For awhile, players have been able to go out into their backyards and catch every Pokemon from Generations 1-6. As announced today, Pokemon from Generation 7 are coming to Pokemon GO.

Pokemon GO Alola Confirmed

Starting Tuesday, March 1st, Gen 7 Pokemon will be available to find in Pokemon Go. We are getting all of them from Rowlet to Drampa. This is absolutely huge as this brings the game closer to having all of the current Pokemon that are out in the main games. Not only that, but seeing as February has only 28 days, this is only 2 days away. Until then, the Pokemon Company and Niantic have prepared a special surprise.

It’s Palm Tree Season

Today and all the way up till March 1st, Alolan Exeggutor will be available for capture. Players are encouraged to go out and catch themselves as many dragon trees as they can. Other Alolan and regional variants of Pokemon are available as well, players should search wherever they can to catch them all.


Pokemon GO is still a beloved fan mobile game and one of the most downloaded Pokemon properties. Though the mass amount of playing hordes is not what it was in the beginning, the addition of new content is keeping this game alive and well. With Generation 7 Pokemon coming to GO, perhaps veterans will be even more motivated to keep playing and players who have fallen off can come back.

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