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Who is the Pokemon Unite New Attacker?

Pokemon Unite new attacker

A couple of weeks ago, Pokemon Unite developers released an image teasing the release of more playable pokemon. These playable pokemon move the meta of the game forward. Adding different picks that players can utilize to build different team compositions, the new releases very much characterize the game’s progress. With Tsareena, Dragonite, Trevenenant and Aegislash released, only Supporter and Attacker remain. This article will discuss who the Pokemon Unite New Attacker may potentially be.

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Honestly, there is no concrete evidence as to who the new attacker pokemon in pokemon unite will be. But there’s a lot of speculation. Considering the attacker’s poster displays some mean looking eyes, there’s a high likelihood of including some eye jutsu, sorry, move related theme in the pokemon’s kit.

Two moves come to mind, Mean eye and Scary Face. Mean eye typically has circlular eyes, so it’s a bit more probable that the move refers to Scary Face instead. Whatever the case, here are some cool picks that would be amazing to include in Pokemon Unite.

[Here is a list of all pokemon that learn Scary Face]

The first up is Shinx. The Adorable Electric cat is very popular, making appearances in both BDSP and Pokemon Legends Arceus. Eventually evolving into Luxray, the pokemon learns Scary Face and would be an amazing attacker to have. Another possible pokemon is Sharpedo. The hyper aggressive shark pokemon would make for a great variation in design among the playable cast. Especially considering there’s a lot of quadrupeds and bipedal pokemon in Pokemon Unite.

The same exact argument stands for the new supporter as well. No evidence exists ready to see or analyze that provides strong enough evidence for anything more than a weak guess/speculation. All that’s left to do is wait and see.

In Conclusion

Once again, nothing is confirmed. With no reveals, no trailers, and not even any official image teasers, predicting Pokemon Unite new attacker is truly just a guessing game. The same stands true with the pokemon unite new supporter as well. But when information officially releases, be it through trailers or even simply more concrete rumors, come back to The Game Haus for analysis and coverage.

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