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Who is the new Pokemon for Pokemon Unite?

With Duraludon releasing very soon, many players may be wondering who is the next Pokemon for Pokemon Unite. Though there is no official news, some leaked gameplay and screen shots were discovered roaming the internet. Keep in mind, the information shared is by no means an official announcement. Therefore, take the news with a grain of salt. In addition, for those hoping to avoid spoilers of new releases exit now.

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Leaked Pokemon

According to Data mines and leaks, the next pokemon is the all-rounder, Azumarill. Discovered and revealed by ElChicoEevee on Twitter, the water-type debuted in generation II. The pokemon evolves from Marill. Therefore, expect Marill to be the starting evolution in Pokemon Unite.

Check the link below for the screen shots. And as the video states, ignore the thumbnail and the random idol, haha… 

With nothing except some data mined screen shots to base off, it’s really difficult to conclude anything other information. In essence, the move set, move descriptions, and even the release date remain unknown. Typically, Pokemon have base stats from their main line series that correlate a bit with the Pokemon Unite stats. In Pokemon Unite, every pokemon deals a specific type of damage: Physicals or special attack. Some deal both to a certain degree, but prioritize a particular one. For example, a high special attack in the main series almost always meant that the Pokemon dealt special attack damage in Pokemon Unite.

For Azumarill, both its special attack and attack are perfectly balanced in the main line games. Therefore, it’s highly likely it’ll deal mixed damage. But it’s really impossible to tell more at the moment.

In Conclusion

With any data mine and leak, take things with a grain of salt. This is in no way an official release, and trusts the data miner to a large degree. For ElChicoEevee, they have a history of great accuracy in regards to Data mines. Thereby, though it’s not official, the chances and likelihood of Azurmarill dropping are very high.

The Game Haus will keep updated with more information as they become readily available. So be sure to stay tuned!

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