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Where are the Balance Updates for Pokémon Unite

Pokémon Unite’s most recent patch update was lackluster. The changes to Wigglytuff helps significantly with the less utilized move sets. But since the rest of the playable cast was untouched, the state of the game remains almost exactly the same. Considering there are a total of 23 Pokémon in the game, the developers definitely could have added some bigger changes to balance the MOBA. This begs the question, what changes can the Pokémon Unite community expect, and when can they expect them? 

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Mamaswine and Slyveon were teased, and the Mobile release date, September 22nd, was announced. Considering these huge events are on the horizon, it is likely that the Pokémon Unite developers are waiting for September 22nd to implement bigger changes. Since Unite is a rather new game, the pace at which the MOBA is evolving needs to be handled with care. Nerfing and buffing preexisting picks may result in the newer, soon to be released mons to not fit as well into the game’s environment. This would not bode well for the content cycles upon the new mon’s releases. Therefore, the developers are highly likely keeping the updates tame until the mobile release date. 

What can we expect from the mobile release? 

The mobile release will be HUGE for Pokémon Unite, bringing a new player base, a whole new platform, and even game changing updates and events. Once September 22nd approaches, Pokémon Unite will undoubtedly begin to evolve rapidly. But until then, sit patiently through the dry spell of updates.

Aiming Improvements 

It should come as no surprise to players that Unite’s aiming system isn’t the best. The switch’s analog stick does not provide enough sensitivity controls and adjustments to cater to multiple different picks. This is because various Pokémon have different, more optimal aim control speeds. 

For example, Nine tales’ dazzling gleam is nearly instantaneous. The move requires little to no aim. 9 out of 10 times, the auto targeting system will function perfectly fine. But now consider Venusaur’s solar beam. The ability takes about half a second to detonate, requiring players to predict enemy movements. Doing so requires firm control of the right analog stick to aim. The prevailing issue is that the sensitivity for optimizing aim with Venusaur’s solar beam is far different from the sensitivity for Pikachu’s fast thunderbolt, which requires far less nuanced aim control.

Since the sensitivity and default settings cannot be changed while in the Pokémon select screen, optimization of aiming on the Switch is a little troubling. The mobile version should be better. Touch screen controls will provide better navigation through key moments. Mobile MOBAs have been a prevalent for many years, meaning Unite has a stronger sample pool to draw from in creating their control schematics. 

One of the strengths of Mobile MOBAs is that the phone or tablet touch screen provides a more detailed and user friendly method of micromanaging. Instead of having to fidget through the aim wheel on the switch, players will be able to simply touch the Pokémon’s portrait that they want to prioritize their attacks on. Meaning, many non-viable moves on the switch will become better on the mobile.

For example, Venusaur’s solar beam will have far more control. The Switch’s analog stick works almost as an all or nothing mechanic, with the details within the circle’s radius being incredibly hard to navigate. What results, for a very aim reliant Pokémon, are MUCH more difficult to play mechanics. Mobile devices do not have this issue, since the aim would simply directly follow the player’s finger placement. 

Of course, until the mobile version officially releases, this remains as pure speculation. But from experience from other mobile MOBAS, such as Wild Rift and Mobile Legends, Unite’s mobile port will play wonderfully well.

Events and Patch Updates 

Until the mobile version releases, do NOT expect the state of the game to change much at all. The most recent “patch” should be a testament to that.

Pokemon Unite announced that the mobile release will be accompanied with an event. Though uncertain as to the exact nature of the events, the developers stated that the unique pre-registration Pikachu Holo wear will be available as a reward. Considering the most recent battle pass and events have gotten stale, expect some new cosmetics alongside event rewards to accompany the mobile release.

In addition, two new mons are set to release in the near future. In order to accomodate the newer picks, Unite is sure to balance the existing Pokémon as well. So rejoice Pokémon Trainers. The Pokémon Unite dry spell is almost over.

In Conclusion

The mobile release of Pokemon Unite is going to substantially change the game as the community knows it. Some mons will function better on the mobile devices, and in game events are sure to roll out. So all eager Pokemon trainers out there waiting for new content, be patient. There’s a lot coming our way.

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