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When Does Pokemon Unite Season 1 End?

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Pokemon Unite’s first season kicked off with a bang. The brand new MOBA took the world by storm. Trainers from all ages and demographics began their journey in Beginner rank, potentially climbing all the way to the top to ladder. Throughout season 1, Pokemon Unite evolved immensely. No longer placing heavy emphasis on pay to win, Unite marches onwards to becoming one of the biggest MOBAs in existence. Season 2 for Pokemon Unite is sure to be another eventful journey. But focusing on the here and now, when does Pokemon Unite Season 1 end?

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Stated officially on the Pokemon Unite app, Season 1 ends on November 7 at 4:59 PM PST.

So for trainers looking for a last minute climb, make sure to grind those ranked games as soon as possible. Keep in mind, Pokemon Unite ranked rewards are calculated based on the highest achieved rank, rather than the rank players end. This means there is no risk for trainers looking to continue playing ranked. So for those looking to continue to improve at the game, keep practicing in the intense ranked environments.

In regards to rewards, the higher the rank achieved, the more Aeos tickets rewarded.

What can players expect in the future? Clearly, Pokemon Unite is just getting started. With their Halloween themed event coming to a close, Unite developers are highly likely to continue celebrating real life holidays within the game. In other words, get ready for Christmas in Pokemon Unite! The Christmas themed festivities are sure to add flair to the game’s already impressive catalog of cosmetics.

In addition, the Pokemon Diamond and Pearl remakes release very soon. Though this is pure speculation, Unite may see some collaborative events with the new console ports.

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