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What is the Pokemon Unite Tsareena Release Date

pokemon unite Tsareena Release Date

A recent data leak revealed Pokemon Unite Tsareena release date. The grass-type pokemon joins Pokemon Unite on the December 9, 2021 update. Likely coming alongside other patch and balance updates, Tsareena will be a welcome addition to the still small roster of Pokemon Unite.

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Pokemon Unite have confirmed that Tsareena will be coming out on December 9, 2021 with this Tweet.

Now, this begs the question, should players save up gold coins in order to purchase the pokemon? As all regular pokemon unite players know, gold coins can be hard to come by. Saving up 10,000 coins is no easy task, requiring weeks of gameplay investment to stack up the currency. Then spending the hard earned 10,000 coins on a pokemon the player dislikes feels even worse. Luckily, the data leaks reveal that Tsareena will be free. This marks the return of free pokemon, which haven’t been seen in Unite for quite some time now.

Upon the game’s initial release, players received Zeraora, Alolan Ninetails, and Venusaur through in-game missions. And up till now, these events have been far too seldom. Thankfully, Tsareena appears mark the return of such an event. The Pokemon Unite developers clearly understand what the players want, and work arduously to provide an enjoyable experience for all. On the only downside of this, expect the pokemon to absolutely clutter the game on its first couple days of release. Every new pokemon release results in this, but for a free pokemon release, the issue will become even bigger. The pokemon selection screen will become the Wild West, with the fastest draw winning the round. Considering the pokemon will be free, this is a very tiny price to pay.

In Conclusion

Supports, attackers, and defenders released most recently in Pokemon Unite. The most recent releases have neglected speedsters.  Therefore, speculated to be a speedster, Tsareena increases the variety of pokemon available to players. Keep in mind, this article was sourced through data leaks. Though the data leaks have proved to be accurate a frightening amount of times, still keep the news with a grain of salt.

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