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Pokemon Unite

What is the Pokemon Unite Dragonite release date?

Pokemon Unite Dragonite Release Date

A recent trailer for Pokemon Unite Holiday festivities confirmed the release of Dragonite. Revealed to be a melee all-rounder, Pokemon Unite Dragonite stands as a welcome addition to the roster of picks. With Tsareena releasing on December 9, players may wonder what the exact release date of the new dragon-type Pokemon is. Stated on the Official Pokemon Unite Website, the Pokemon Unite Dragonite release date is on December 20, 2021.

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What to Expect

There’s a lot of content releasing this month for Pokemon Unite. With the Holiday Festivities beginning on December 15, Pokemon Unite will evolve drastically in the next upcoming weeks. Shown directly through the Holiday trailer, some of the Wild Pokemon in Remoat Stadium are being switched out with different winter themed pokemon. Whether or not this is purely an aesthetic change or will actually impact gameplay elements remains unclear. But Pokemon Unite Wild Pokemon are long overdue for a revamp.

Now, what about playable pokemon? The Pokemon Unite Meta hasn’t changed much at all in the past couple of weeks. Besides the release of new playable pokemon, such as Decidueye and Tsareena, Pokemon Unite’s gameplay and balance remains surprisingly constant throughout the past couple of weeks. Pokemon Unite Dragonite’s release, alongside the Holiday Festivities, marks a definitive shift in the game’s progress. In addition with the map updates, so much of Pokemon Unite is about to evolve.

In Conclusion

The month of December marks a very important time period for Pokemon Unite. With Dragonite releasing on the 20th, alongside Tsareena and the Holiday event dropping before that, Pokemon Unite pushes its gameplay forward. There’s a lot to be excited for as a Pokemon Unite player. So mark the calendars, and prepare for a festive month of Pokemon Unite!

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