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Pokemon Unite

What is the Pokemon Unite Aegislash Release Date?

Pokemon Unite Aeglislash Release Date

A recent leak in the Pokemon Unite community revealed a future pokemon, Aegislash. Though technically just a leak, and therefore not official, very strong evidence points towards the pokemon’s eventual release. There has been actual gameplay roaming the internet, with the in game model, level patterns and even stats. At this point, it’s not really a question of if the pokemon is coming, but more so when. So what is the Pokemon Unite Aegislash release date?

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Considering a huge portion of the Pokemon’s data is simply sitting in the game, it can’t be too far off. The norm for patch updates is a little irregular. Sometimes they go a month, two weeks, or even three. Therefore, the rough estimate for a future patch is three weeks after the last one.

Updated, Pokemon Unite revealed Aegislash’s release date to fall on February 11. This is next Friday, and is sure to change up the Unite meta a decent amount. Linked below is the official Pokemon Unite Aegislash release trailer, which finally included a release date alongside official footage of the pokemon’s moves.

In Conclusion

As a whole, Aegislash would be a really cool addition to Pokemon Unite. Having a sword pokemon that has defensive and offensive capabilities sounds amazing. Now that the pokemon has been officially anounced, this release date piece alongside the moveset analysis remains very much official. Thanks to data miners, the community got a sneak peak for the revealed pokemon much earlier than intended. It’s hard to tell if this is good for the game’s health or not. While the data mines do increase excitement at the moment, they take away from the official reveal, making the drops far less hype.

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