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What is the Blastoise Pokemon Unite Release Date?

Blastoise Pokemon Unite

The last of the original starting Pokémon is finally heading to Pokémon Unite. On Wednesday, August 25, the official Pokémon Unite Twitter made the announcement many players were waiting for. Blastoise is finally becoming a playable character in Pokémon Unite. Best of all, the Blastoise Pokemon Unite Release debut is just around the corner. Start saving up those coins, as Blastoise spins into Pokémon Unite next week.

That’s right, Blastoise will join Pokémon Unite next week on Wednesday, September 1. The announcement comes a week after Pokémon Unite announced two more Pokémon in Mammoswine and Sylveon. Players were beginning to worry about when they would finally get their hands on the original water-type starter after Blissey was recently introduced into the game.

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What Can Players Expect from Blastoise?

With Charizard as an All-Arounder and Venusaur being an Attacker, it makes sense for Blastoise to round out the three as a Supporter. The attacks shown in the clip appear to support this guess as well. It looks as though Blastoise has Surf, similar to Slowbro and Greninja, which should allow it to dive into the middle of the enemy team and cause disruption. Blastoise looks to also have Rapid Spin, what appears to be Waterfall, and of course its signature Hydro Pump.

Much like other Pokémon with 3 evolutions, Blastoise should start as Squirtle in the beginning of the match. It’s unclear at the moment what type of bonus Blastoise will have on its basic attack. Players will get a chance to find out all the tricks and intricacies with the character when Blastoise hits Pokémon Unite at the start of September.

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